A concerted effort during a watchtower study?

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  • mkr32208

    Was thinking about this today! What we need to come up with is something like Crazies 586/7 list from watchtower sources showing the kings list. Then next time they have a prophecy watchtower study we could all go to different halls where no one would know us and have a prepared answer typed up with watchtowerese language something like;

    "People in the world try to make these simple bible prophecies so complicated when jehovah's spirit has made their fulfillment clearly manifest to his faithful and discreet slave... As the watchtower has clearly brought out there were 6 kings that ruled from the date of 539 Nabonidus: (17 Years) Labashi-Marduk: (9 Months) Ne riglissar: (4 Years) Evil-merodach: (2 Years) N ebuchadnezzar: (43 Years) Nebuchadnezzar’s 18 regnal year so a little simple math and we come up with a clear date for the destruction of Jerusalem of 587/586 BCE to which we add 2521 years and we can see that Jesus return to kingly power was in the year 1935..."

    Then just stand up and leave... Of course we would have to pair it down a bit but I think if we threw some more watchtowerese into it we could get a lot of people to think! What we could do is dress the part and act like Mr/Mrs spiritual and before we get to that paragraph throw in some "real" comments so that everyone there would just be so impressed with us... But the good thing would be if we had this answer prepared then when we got to paragraph 15 (or 10, or 16 or whatever) and we started in with this most people would be listening and they wouldn't even see it coming!

    I told those bastards to leave me alone...

  • DavidChristopher

    What would be even better, is being there, and having Holy spirit, to speak for us, like it did through the apostles. You know, they sure hated Stephen for what he told them. Did he do anything wrong? Guess the truth hurts pretty bad when you are doing wrong. You know, wisdom is being able to recognize mistakes, learn from them, and correct them. Makes you wiser I think. But if you cannot come to terms with your shortcomings and admit them, how are you going to grow, or get wiser? "give disipline to a wise man and he will love you, give it to a stupid man and he will hate you for it." Isn't that a proverb?

  • atypical

    The only problem is that so few people in the audience understand the society's timetable to begin with. They would probably sit there, spaced out, and not even get the significance of the comment. I strongly feel that the majority of the people sitting in the hall don't think deeply about any of the society's teachings. When they do, they usually end up being part of our crowd, if you know what I mean.

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    I agree with atypical. I sat at a countless number of meetings just devouring what ever garbage they decided to pass off as "spiritual food" with out ever questioning a thing. After all the WTBS is God's mouthpiece on earth, why would I even have to question? Far too many JW's have this mind set. They accept whatever the WTBS publishes in those rags as gospel, as if it were uttered by God himself.

  • skyman

    They would have to be awake to actually hear what you are saying. During studys like this most zone out and think about skiing, how nice sex with brother or sister so-n-so would be. Well you get the idea.

  • Ingenuous
    I told those bastards to leave me alone...


    The only problem is that - if any of the Halls I've been in are any indication - the response would be:

    Conductor: "Thank you, Sister Ingenuous. By the way, could someone correct the sister's math and give us the right date for the fall of Jerusalem. Yes, sister?"

    Four-year-old prompted by her parents: "607!"

    Conductor: "Thank you, sister. Now, moving on to the next subheading..."

  • Darth Yhwh
    Darth Yhwh

    Ingenious, your meeting commentary was halarious.

  • mkr32208

    I dunno, I think some would hear it! I never listened to "apostates" because they always started ranting or were shouted down before they got two words in edgewise! I think this way you could make your entire comment and I really think that if you had made some real watchtowerese comments with some humor and fun in the early paragraphs that people would listen! I always used to get people coming up after the meeting telling me "I loved your comments" So people DO listen when you make comments that aren't reading right out of the watchtower!

    Has anyone ever TRIED something like this? I'm thinking of littletoe's last talk I bet he sowed a lot of seeds! Calm cool and collected and everyone's nodding along agreeing with you walking right up the cattle shoot then WAM! The head chopper falls!

  • AuldSoul


    crazies is working on a simplified version for exactly that purpose as we speak. We are collaborating to come up with several of thse simple, direct proofs of error that are suitable for anonymous comments for visiting "brother and sisters" or interested ones (depending on your appearance) to make.


    P.S. They shouldn't have "messed" with any of us! (I caught your euphemism, loud and clear)

  • Honesty

    NO, NO, NO.

    There's no way I'm going back into one of those dens of iniquity and snakes disguised as a Kingdom Hall.

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