A concerted effort during a watchtower study?

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  • moshe

    I stood up in a KH Watchtower study in 1989 and told them something they didn't like either. I wouldn't shut up, so a bunch of the brothers pushed me out of the KH. I still remember the shocked looks on their faces. Imagine- somebody had the nerve to tell them what he was really thinking about this Watchtower gobbledygook!


  • DavidChristopher

    Thats funny... All I did was ask some questions, and got pitched out as well. is there a difference between "telling" and "asking"? Seems to me THEY are the ones who enjoy "telling" so much. I just want to give them what they so desire. So when I ask the questions, they will have plenty to "tell" and will therfore be happy right?

  • AuldSoul

    "you need to be careful in this time of spiritual darkness! Sometimes the apostates will take a site that SOUNDS like it would be for jehovahs witnesses and is in fact for apostates! That's the case with sites like Jehovahs-witness.com..."

    "...that's J-e-h-o-v-..." LOL

    I agree, subtle or direct comments—from a personable stranger who claimed to be from a nearby town—in the meeting would stay with people.


  • crazies

    I agree with AuldSoul:

    subtle or direct comments—from a personable stranger who claimed to be from a nearby town—in the meeting would stay with people.

    and all the rest that said it. What I think some of you are overlooking here is that it just needs to be something that makes people go home and think. The whole kings list might be a little deep to try and answer but the idea that was being made by mkr32208 was excellent. If everyone that was interested in making a change, trying to help people see, (after all anyone who has family in there I'm sure would love for the scales to fall from their eyes) went in on this and made an organized effort it could start to sow seeds of doubt.

    You have to look at the other benefits of it also, once we started organizing and doing this the GB will have to make changes--more RULES---more controll, which will only make people think more. There is only so many rules people can tolerate.

  • mkr32208

    Well what we need at this point is someone who's still in or gets the watchtower regularly to keep their eyes open for a suitable article!

  • Check_Your_Premises


    Actually that is a pretty good idea about mentioning the names of web sites during those stay away from the internet talks.

    You could say, "Yes there are just so many apostate web sites out there. There is freeminds.org, there is silentlambs.org, oh yeah, and there is even this one that uses the name jehovah's witness to trick people into thinking it is a real jehovah's witness site. It is jehovahs DASH witness.com. Yes, the apostate will sink to the lowest levels to sully Jehovah's good name."

    A few would get what you are doing. I actually would kind of like to try this, but being a ubm, I think it would get me tagged even harder then I am right now. My wife ALWAYS gets a call if she misses a meeting. She ALWAYS gets called to see if she is going out in service. If they think she might miss a meeting for some legitimate reason, they call BEFORE to make sure she attends.

    Maybe when I travel on business...


  • Check_Your_Premises

    You'd probably want to mention "ajwrb.com loudly mentioning that it stands for associated jw for reform on the blood doctrine, and even bcri which is a group of jw who dissassociated for conscience reasons"

    Keep repeating the names until they start in with "thank you brother, thank you. That is enough brother"

  • DavidChristopher

    that is brilliant! "Bad publicity is still publicity". That has been proven by Tommy Lee and Pam. We need a good question with that, to get the mind working again I think though. You guys sure come up with some good ones, so I don't think that would be much of a problem. Could this really be what "soldiers of rightousness" means? Who knew that helping and saving others could be so much fun? "Fun" without a guilty coinscience?

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Hi,Auld soul sorry for taking so long getting back to you. 27 yrs 8 mths

    Mar 57 aged 15 baptized

    Aug 72 aged 30 appointed MS in my local cong

    Aug 74 aged 32 appointed elder

    Jan 81 increasingly suspicious of so-called WT "scholarship" I decided to find out things for myself My first task was to learn NT Greek So, while still an elder, I enrolled in Bible College At that time, Perth Bible College, here in Western Australia, had an external programme which enabled students to learn NT greek after hours. It was held two nights a week, over 18 months and included three semesters The course was called Greek 1

    Nov 84 having having completed the course, I sent in my disassociation letter, resigning all my responsibilities

    Never been back since

    Unfortunately medical treatment is going to keep me away from JWD forum for three weeks I'll probably catch you sometime after 8 Jan

    Cheers Moggy Lover

  • AuldSoul

    January 15, 2006 has an article, "Beware of Apostasy." We could REALLY give them something to fear if hundreds of congs had a single visitor and they all said the same comments. Be like something from Village of the Damned..."We know what you were thinking."


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