A concerted effort during a watchtower study?

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  • DavidChristopher

    What does bttt mean? Please excuse my ignorance.

  • AlmostAtheist

    People at the Hall get all giddy when they hear "Mr. Somebody" getting called on. They recognize that it isn't a brother, so they are excited to hear what he has to say. If you could manage to get your name known to the Watchtower conductor, he would be proud to be able to call on your by name.

    Then you make your pithy comment, and let 'em think. Would they? I dunno. It'd be FUN. And there's almost certainly going to be SOMEONE that hears it. They can't unring the bell.

    Worth a shot, I say.


  • Ingenuous
    What does bttt mean?

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  • DavidChristopher

    Thanks! I have been seeing that for quite some time, and never thought to ask what it meant.

  • DavidChristopher
  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Say, Can I jump in the pool and throw around a coupla ideas? [I promise not to pee in the pool or pull my daks off underwater - although what the hell there's nuttin to see in this 64 yr old body] Now, where was I? Oh yeah, to my way of thinking talking to the [riff]R&F of the WT movement in a tribal setting, such as their KHs, Assemblies etc aint such a good idea, because: 1 You will be talking up to their strengths. Seeing each other, feeling each other's presence, surrounded by the comforting assurance of their religious activities, they will also collectively herd together, making it damn near impossible to get anything through.

    2 Then you've got the closed mind. Remember, not only do the [riff] R&F deceive, they also practise self-deception. Remember when we were ourselves members of the [riff]R&F? How did we react when someone came up with something that sounded suss? Damn right! The shutters would immedieately come down letting no light through. How the hell did the GB manage this remote control? Simple, the same way Hitler did or Uncle Joe Stalin, or any such dictatorial system did and that was to use the Closed Mind. Endless, mind numbing repitition, repeated over and over again, reinforcing the Big Lie. In the case of the WTS, it was to inculcate the idea that the GB were the exclusive spokesmen for J.Hoover [Esq] No proof was provided because no proof was considered necessary, Assertion, boldly and dogmatically made was sufficient. Now this is the interesting bit. It was only when this constant drip was loosened, when for our personal reasons we started to drop off meetings that our minds slowly, agonizingly almost, began to open [Me? I just could'nt take "this" now means "that" and "it depends on what "is" is and so on any more.] It is only when this "feeding" starts to break down, that we will be able to nail the suckers.

    3 Sheer bloody ignorance. How much did we really know when we of the [riff]R&F? About Archaeology? Babylonian history? Bugger all. Take the King List. How come none of the [riff]R&F have heard nothing of this? King List? what King List? It is simply because the WTS has never published any such thing!! I remember [Gawd! When was it? Back in the 70s maybe? Blondie will have to help out here with some research] when I had the misfortune of being the BS conductor for that odious book " Baylon the Great has Fallen" [ It still holds the record for being the longest book study book that the WTS has brought out. Its nearly 700 pages took us some 2 years of absolute bloody agony to get through] Although they prattled on about about the Babylonian kings, NEVER once did they actually publish a simple list of them all together. I seem to remember a graph they had with all the kings as descendig from each other, but no dates were given or lengths of the reign provided. Even the Aid book which had an exhaustive listing for the Hebrew kings did not do this for the Babylonian ones. Tactics such as this makes it impossible to conceptualize the significance of the reigns of these kings of Babylon. This ignorance goes all the way to the top. I remember reading as a sub-text to the observations of Ray Franz, in his book, COC, of the apalling ignorance of many of the GB members on this subject. VAT 4956? The only VAT that interested the 2nd Prez of the WTS, Judge Ruther-turd, was VAT69. He got most of his ideas "in the spirit" [No not the Holy kind, the Jack Daniels kind] By most accounts, Nathan Homer Gnaw, being a semi-literate, could'nt tell a Babylonian King List from a leg of pork! Freddie Flintstone Franz, rejoicing in the dogmatism that is the exclusive possesion of the ignorant, held his piece. Milton the Mute was just that- mute.

    Thats what we're up against. But dont despair We got out did'nt we? We know about the lengths of all these kings don't we? How come? Dunnow. But I believe there IS Someone out there who cares Let Him be Him He will bring out those He wants to and maybe He will even use people like us and forums such as this to do so.

    Look I'd really love to stay and chat but... Good Lord! Is that the time? She-Who-Must-Be-Fed must be fed


  • AuldSoul

    Welcome, moggy lover. How long were you a Witness?

  • mkr32208

    Respectfully I disagree!

    We had an apostate one time stand up and say "brothers the watchtower is lying to you" he was shot down before he could say anything else but I really wanted to hear what he had to say! So did several of the other youngish brothers! I really think if you could get the entire comment out calmly and quickly then not make a rude comment or say anything (just get up and leave) that some real seeds could be planted! There are a lot of witnesses who feel like "it's the truth and can stand any attack" They would question if it was approached in the right way! Yes the conductor would try to cover and people would stand around afterwards and say "can you believe the nerve of that apostate to say those lies" then some people would go home and go on the internet and check it out! It would also be the topic of conversation for MONTHS! I still remember the apostate standing up and getting shouted down and that was better than 10 YEARS ago! People WOULD remember! Many would remember how nice you looked how well you blended in how "spiritual" you sounded and answered! This WOULD be a hard hit!

    The world is changing! The apostate world stratagy can change too! Five years ago this would have drawn out very few, maybe none! How many are going to go to the library to research questions! Now EVERYONE has internet! Hit a few buttons and your able to google or ask jeeves! A small seed is all it takes now!

    Imagine if you knew that there was going to be a meeting part on "Avoid the dangers of apostates" and you went raised the old hand and said "you need to be careful in this time of spiritual darkness! Sometimes the apostates will take a site that SOUNDS like it would be for jehovahs witnesses and is in fact for apostates! That's the case with sites like Jehovahs-witness.com!" Now how many people are going to go home and log onto this site? Every kid there that has computer access for starters! All the tough young bucks looking to "rough up" the apostates (Richie rich I'm looking at you kid! ) These are the simple things that I think will work! Did you ever pay attention to the raving apostates? Did the society in it's practice sessions ever tell you "long drawn out complicated and confrontational is the way to win!" Hell NO! It was always "get the message across in 60 seconds or less then get back down the road!" We need to use the Watchtowers own campaign strategy against them!

  • DavidChristopher

    How do they get to define what a "apostate" is? Would it differ from my definition? Yours? Can they prove that accusation? Hell, ask everyone in the room what their individual definitions of "apostate" are. Are they not all "judges"? is there truly a difference between "apostate" and "student"? I guess that would depend on who who the teacher is. I don't see how with Jesus(the Bible) as the teacher one could prove someone as a "apostate". Their actions themselves give them away.

    I would have to say, the only way to truly find out what a "apostate" is. Is to find out what a "apostate" is to Jesus. I am sure too that the apostles were labeled by the religous leaders of their time as "apostates". So I would say we "are in good company".

  • AlmostAtheist
    It would also be the topic of conversation for MONTHS! I still remember the apostate standing up and getting shouted down and that was better than 10 YEARS ago! People WOULD remember! Many would remember how nice you looked how well you blended in how "spiritual" you sounded and answered! This WOULD be a hard hit!

    Agreed, Dude. Sounds like a plan.


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