Brand New Blood Card meeting - Your Blood will run cold.

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  • Carol

    Even though they'd like you to think so, they really can't do anything to you if you don't sign the card. When I had my daughter 18 years ago (this coming March 2006), I had been inactive/lurking on the fringes of the Borg for several years. However, I was visited several times by one of the elders during my pregnancy because I was of an age that the doctors considered my delivery to be high risk and the elders wanted to build up my faith in Jehovah o withstand any pressure brought on me to take blood (that was never the issue, I left the Borg, not Jehovah). I assured them Blood was not an issue, as my husband's (now ex) business partner was a medical doctor that was partners in a company that manufactured "artificial blood" products and I had a sufficient supply set aside should I need it. They wanted me to sign a new blood card, which I refused to do, explaining that my doctor and the hospital were well aware of my beliefs and I had signed all of the necessary pre-admission papework. I delivered my daughter without incident, had surgery the next day (tubes tied) and never used the "blood"...I did however receive a phone call from one of the elders when I arrived back home asking me what I had done with the "artificial blood". I explained that I had given it to the hospital, as it was mine and was paid for.....I was then treated to a lecture on the fact that I did not contact the elders to see if any of the JW's might be in need of it. I should have acted with a more humble and christian attitude and should call the hospital and demand that it be reserved for Jehovah's Witnesses use. Did I not understand that this particular product was not easy to get and was extremely expensive. I must give them my doctor's name at once so they could contact him and reserved the "blood substitute" for one of Jehovah's Witnesses. I quickly advised them they would not be receiving any information as to my doctor's name and I reassured them that I knew precisely what I was was my "blood substitute" and I did with it what I wanted. (I never told them that it was in fact going to a sister that was scheduled to have a complete hysterectomy and did not have medical insurance but was going through a free clinic that my ob-gyn volunteered at. No one in the congo bothered to help this poor woman out financially, they didn't even offer to take care of her kids while she was in the hospital). There was talk of df'ing me for my attitude, but I never went back to that Kingdom Hall again, so they just let it slide!

  • Thegoodgirl

    Unbeleivable!!!!! I am thinking the hospital personell will go WTF?? and really be reluctant to show records. In our hospital, we don't even show the patients their recorods until after their discharge, it's just the policy. So how can some spiritual services person walk ini and look through the chart? This will definetly get quesitioned.

    Also, I think (hope) that so many bro's and sisters have private medical stuff that they don't want to share, that they will put up a fight, and they society will change it. But wait, who am I kidding? Hopefully this will be one of the lightbulbs that go off in people's minds at least, so that more leave that cult.

    Yuck, it's unbeleivable.

  • observador

    One thing that makes no sense to me is this: it is my opinion that the WT is gradually softning the rules on what is allowed for a witness related to blood, so that eventually they may drop the doctrine completely, by making it a "conscience matter".
    Now, if that's true, then why would they thighten the rules with requirements like those in the blood card and entangle themselves even more?


  • stillAwitness

    I think I've carried my blood card out of habit. Then one day I was going through my wallet and saw it and thought to myself: "Why the hell do I still have this thing?? Dear God, what if I was to get in an accident right now and the paramedics were to find this thing?"

    I rememeber an episode of Strong Medicine on Lifetime where one of the younger doctors got in trouble because they forgot to check the victim's id and they ended up getting a blood transfusion but were a JW.

    Can you believe that crap? The whole world already knows enough about the DUB policy of no blood. What a bunch of crock!

  • calico

    AMAZING! Elders who don't even bother to get to know me on a personal level could have access to my medical records?! Control freaks!!

  • seattleniceguy

    Clarification, please.
    1. Can anyone confirm which country(ies) this new card has come out for?
    2. Can anyone please provide a scan?
    3. Has the service meeting to introduce this new card already happened?

  • oldflame

    Who the hell do they think they are ? The CIA ?

  • AlmostAtheist

    >> Maybe my cases are too far out

    Dude, we're talking about a group that tells mothers to shun daughters because the daughter decides that Jerusalem wasn't destroyed in 607. This is a group that decides their loving god prefers that they sacrifice their baby, rather than let him have a "god dishonoring" blood transfusion.

    You think maybe YOU are going too far? There is no such thing when talking about this outfit.

    Truly, honestly, I think your examples well illustrate the point that there are all sorts of reasons this new "I consent to be an idiot and let other anonymous individuals know my business" policy is a bad, bad, bad one.


  • Panda

    WOW folks complain about government surveillence and torture; and here it continues in our own backyard. I hate these convuluted plots to further oppress the rank and file.

  • rebel8
    "I consent to my medical records ands the details of my condition being shared with the Emergency Contact below (cong secretary recommended) and/or with member(s) of the Hospital Liaison Committee for Jehovah's Witnesses.

    This does require a full signature and date, so it is legally valid.

    It is up to each healthcare provider (hospital) to evaluate documents given to them and to determine if they feel it meets the legal requirements. I am certified in healthcare regulatory compliance and I can tell you if I was presented with a document that said only the above, I would laugh. There is no way I would release any information based solely upon that. What would happen next is the patient would be presented with real forms and given the opportunity to sign them.

    As I said on the other thread, no hospital in the US is required to hand over the medical records immediately. Usually no records are shared until after discharge, because they are incomplete.

    While I agree it is very gutsy and inappropriate for the WTS to produce this form and ask JWs to sign it, I do believe it will result in few releases of medical information. Therefore I don't think it is something to become overly concerned about.

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