Brand New Blood Card meeting - Your Blood will run cold.

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  • aniron

    They may find it a bit more difficult in the UK. The Data Protection Act here is pretty tough.

    I even have trouble getting to see my own records never mind someone else trying to.

  • bavman
    A baptized teenage boy gets infected tendinitis from compulsive self- abuse with porn. Was it with greed? Although he put his life on the line by signing the blood card, it is no compensation. He is DF (Remember the Statute of Limitation on Serious Sins only applies to Elders and MS, so they won't feel compelled to be merciful in this case.) this possible? I mean first of all the tendinitis caused in this way and second the df-ing for greedily abusing oneself? (don't read too much into my asking this now, I'm simply

  • bavman

    oh...and the statute of limitations thing...what's that all about?

  • Ingenuous
    When choosing alternatives of treatment, the Witless merely initials his choice under clauses 3 and 4. Since this simply indicates choice, full signature and witness are not required.

    I didn't realize that. I thought the whole document was useless without a signature.

    "I consent to my medical records ands the details of my condition being shared with the Emergency Contact below (cong secretary recommended) and/or with member(s) of the Hospital Liaison Committee for Jehovah's Witnesses.

    I don't remember this part (I shredded my card months ago). I suppose I was so trusting of the Org that I didn't even pay attention.

    What exacerbates all of this is that JWs are encouraged to "research" info on blood and blood "fractions" - but only through the Org's publications. So they get the illusion of having made a volntary, informed, balanced, researched decision when they've been doing nothing but reinforcing the indoctrination.

  • Narkissos

    Question: what currently happens to a JW if s/he doesn't sign the blood card?

  • atypical

    Exactly. sort of like when someone has doubts about the organization, they are supposed to do "research" by reading the watchtower. makes a lot of sense.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    The solution: Tell them to stick their no-blood forms where the sun doesn't shine, walk out the door and breathe your first breath of freedom.

  • misspeaches
    Question: what currently happens to a JW if s/he doesn't sign the blood card?

    Good question.... I'm interested to know. I will have to see if this is happening in Australia too. If so I really think it might be time to reason with mum. She has a medical history that I am sure she doesn't need other people knowing about.

  • TheListener


    Actually nothing. But, that depends on who lives in your house and knows you didn't sign one. If your mate rats you out the elders may come callin'. But, even then they can't do anything except keep an eye on you.

    But, technically, there is no requirement to sign, but if you get blood (even against your wishes) and you didn't have a signed blood card it would be dificult to prove innocence. They'd DF or assume DA for sure.

  • SPAZnik

    Wow. Talk about Carte blanche.

    So they want the freedom of someone I'd entrust with this much info on me, but do they want the responsibility?

    I feel sick.

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