What Assures U That Elders/Co's/ Gov.Body "Just Don't Get It"?

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  • minimus

    IF the great trib really did come---so what? You're not gonna be tortured to death by the god of love. Even if he has to killya, he's not "inhumane". Regarding those worrying about being df'd, I agree that that's what inspires fear into Witnesses.

  • stevenyc
    Min: Even if he has to killya, he's not "inhumane".

    Minimus, you need to get out your Hebrew Scriptures mate. He's one nasty piece of work.

    As to your original question, considering their pea brain attitude, and spiteful vengeance, I'd say they either don't get 'it', or at very least, not enough of 'it'.


  • minimus

    Usually, torture is not what Jah does.

  • Dismembered
    What Assures U That Elders/Co's/ Gov.Body "Just Don't Get It"?

    I've been assured by taking a recent survey from my long time neighbors that I now have association with. They, (the neighbors) have no clue what Hovee's believe, and are floored whenever I explain to them the dubs beliefs. Much to the chagrin of the elite idots you mentioned above, who are so wrong in their assumptions, that, they (Dubs) are even of any relevance. They "Just Don't Get It".

    That's one of many, pipsqueak reasons why .


  • joelbear

    but they do get it. they are experts at running and maintaining a money making real estate and publishing conglomerate.

    one of the most successful in the country.

  • minimus

    Yeah, they do know how to collect $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Panda

    The GB and "assistants" to the GB certainly get it; thats why they are running around trying to put out fires.

  • JT

    Folks you can't get cult or High Control Status, without doing high control/cult things-

    and so as i tell folks all the time, there is nothing to figure out about why folks can see proof, documentation, etc and still at the end of the day say

    "I still beleive it is the truth" THIS IS WHAT CULTS/HIGH CONTROL groups do-

    we have often read about such groups , sat back in our living room and watched tv about such groups, but folks we have actually had the opportunity to see one up close and personal

    this is why when you tell your non jw friends they can't beleive that you as a rational person would actually walk around beliving that you will play with a Tiger under a fig tree in a few short remaining months-

    if you really want to see just how far out there we all were, - think about the reaction you get from nonjw when you tell them how you knew that you were failing god cause you didn't study and underline a publication such as the wt that ain't even inspired-

    while there are those who don't know anything about the behind the curtain issues, think of all the jw you have personally sent copies and documents to only to be told in affect:

    "Even if all you say is Right i perfer to be WRong with the Society"

    it is literally that type of mental gymnastices required in order to stay a jw-

    when you consider what the ramifications mean if what you tell a jw is right and the wt is wrong, it means they have literally wasted thier life for a worthless cause selling books that in 6months are worthless-

    the emotional see saw that one exp as they try to digest the inplications of followiing wt hurts and hurts deep, just look at us, we are literally "The Walking Wounded"

    and it is only by reaching out to each other as we do here, does it help us to get on with our lives

    i truly can't imagine the mental torture a jw must have felt leaving the org prior to the NET-

    i have spoken to many and the pain and mental torture they exp not having a soul to bouce off "Im i going crazy" "is it just me"

    so we can be so thankful that today we can call each other, phone each other and even visit each other as we continue on our journey to mental, emotional and spiritual healing

    thank goodness for the Net THANG

  • minimus

    Great post, JT!! IT'S A CULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BOTTOM LINE IS YOU CAN'T reason with a cultist.

  • skyman

    I was told by an ex C.O. that DA'd himself that by the time you are C.O. you know its all bull sheet. He said you should here them talk before and after their special C.O. meeting they all go to. He said every C.O. talks openly and it would get the average publisher DF"D for apostacy. He said every single C.O. that has been around anytime at all.

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