What Assures U That Elders/Co's/ Gov.Body "Just Don't Get It"?

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  • minimus

    "Wait on Jehovah"----yeah right! He won't pay the bills. Even if you go into fulltime service, you're still on your own. They SUCK!

  • fullofdoubtnow

    It's their blind obedience to the wts rules, especially the obviously cruel ones, such as shunning. I always had reservations about that, but the wt hierarchy insist on the r & f enforcing it rigidly, despite how unloving and divisive it so obviously is.

  • Virgogirl

    Well, I work with a local elder, and the trouble making he engages in at work, along with the whining, laziness and fibbing, makes it hard for me to believe that he somehow transforms himself into a righteous man of God upon entering a Kingdumb Hell! He has no clue that nobody's buying it that's he's such a Christian when his actions say otherwise! He does not walk the walk at the job, but fools many at the meetings, I'm sure.

  • AuldSoul

    They made no attempt to right their wrongs. They do not engage in honest discourse with those who have grievances against them. They minimize and cover over their sins. They use a cheating pair of scales, weighing everyone else by one set of weights and using another for themselves. Their feet hurry to do harm to those who speak truth about them. They slander, and smile while beating those they have slandered.

    Just little things like that.

  • minimus

    The powers that be do not care about people. They just don't! They keep their heads in the sand and believe that if you beat the slaves, somehow, they'll stick with you.

  • greendawn

    There are far too many glaring errors in this org, and only hypocrites can claim that they just don't see them when also they can so easily see errors everywhere else.

    There is calculated and systematic deception everywhere in the WTS from Russell's days to the present and this org is geared to serving the interests of a multinational corporation rather than any religious objectives. It is more a business than a religion.

  • minimus

    It IS a corporation...

  • greendawn

    Minimus it is, a vast multinational corporation but the dubs barely notice this and instead focus on its -apparent- religious nature.

    And you have to be one hell of a smart arse to get yearly 1 billion hours of work for your corporation at zero cost. They've got a great money spinner set up.

  • Dune

    Theres a whole psychology to it. I'll put myself as an example. I know all about the NGO, child molestors, rwanda, all of the other scandals, not to mention the flip flops and false prophecies. YET, i'm still in the orgo.

    A part of me knows that i'll never be able to take any of this seriously again, but the other part is still like "what if the great tribulation DOES come tommorow? i'll be screwed".

    Its the constant repition, the MENTAL regulating when you receiving when you were young, its the possibility of losing the love of your best friends or siblings and family.

    If it wasnt for disfellowshipping i'm pretty sure people would be leaving in droves.

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    "The Man" in their cheap suits are performing a business job. They are business men. Business men with religion. Some are sincere, but I would think fewer now than even before due to the availability to truth in history via the Net.

    So we have businessmen with religion in cheap suits either computer illiterate, afraid of the Net and everything else the Wizard of Oz deems dangerous, or those with no backbone playing the game for whatever kickback they get from it.

    Some get it and play the game.

    Some are sissy's afraid to face it.

    Some are so well brainwashed that their brains cannot deal with it.

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