What Assures U That Elders/Co's/ Gov.Body "Just Don't Get It"?

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  • minimus

    Metatron used that expression on a thread. What evidence do you have that the "Organization" "just "doesn't get it"???

  • atypical

    The fact that they teach that only Jehovah can read the heart and judge, and then turn around and use elders to judge people based on appearances.

  • cheezy

    I think a lot of them do "get it" if by that you mean they get that the "trooth" is NOT the truth.

    Lotsa reasons to stay in the borg that has nothing to do with really believing in it. I beleive that for many, they simply lack the courage to disengage from the pain that is familiar and jump into the unknown. Many people stay stuck in marriages and jobs that they hate for the same reasons. Throw in the notion of being a big frog in a tiny pond - and it is really not that complicated.

    An interesting question would be - of the 6 million, how many really and truly believe it? I felt for a long time that if Armageddon ever really happened, JWs would be of the 'Most Surprised' class.................

  • hubert

    Hi Min, How's it going?

    Actually, my daughter said that to me one day, when I asked her something about the j.w.'s. She answered, "Dad, you just don't get it". I was lost for words.


  • minimus

    Hubert, I'm fine, thanks. Funny.....we (in the "world") are the only ones that do get it. We get all the false prophecies, wrong dates, flip-flops, oh---we get it!

  • Effervescent

    Their obvious lack of love. Isn't that supposed to be the marker for true Christians?

  • in a new york bethel minute
    in a new york bethel minute
    What evidence do you have that the "Organization" "just "doesn't get it"???

    to me it's kind of like when someone is dating or married to a complete idiot and can't see how stupid they are. JW's wear rose-coloured glasses, so they can't see the faults of their religion. as soon as the glasses come off, it's a revelation. an awakening. the healing can begin!


  • metatron

    In my view, it's the simple, blind pig-headedness of it all. If you were in business and had an IQ bigger than that of a gnat,

    you'd look at the irrelevant meetings, the sterile "ministry", the half- a$$ed , unqualified elders, the worn out doctrine

    and scream "What are you thinking? Don't you see why contributions are sinking? Why young people are leaving?

    Why meeting attendance is declining? What kind of idiots are you?"


  • Goldminer

    To me it's their extremely high level of delusional denial.

    Even if they can't prove a jw teaching from the bible,it's still the truth to them.

    Rather than do their own research,they'd rather "wait on Jehovah",like that's a blanket answer for questions they'd rather not deal with.

    And yes,the severe lack of genuine love has to rank up there in the top 1 or 2 reasons.


  • DannyHaszard

    in a word-mealy-mouths

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