They made another run at me.

by kilroy2 33 Replies latest jw experiences

  • DavidChristopher

    Maybe THEY are "lost sheep" and someone told them of your happiness, and they want the something YOU have. I would probably come to your door at 3:30 am, jst like a "thief in the night." could you forgive me?

  • Swan
    they then said that they would have to take the display of the flags and Darwin sticker as evidence that I did not believe in hovah any more

    The after 10:00 PM visit didn't shock me as much as the presumptuousness that they could sieze your property as evidence!

    I would have said "You do and you will get an 11:00 PM visit from the cops to explain why you stole my property!"


  • Icansaylucky

    Who do they think they are to come at 10:00p??. Witnesses have the social graces of cavemen. How utterly presumptious (sp?) that they think they can take your Darwin symbol and flags as evidence. Since when isn't it enough that two "brothers" seeing the same thing wasn't evidences enough. Idiots I tell ya.

  • FSMonster

    Interesting, seems like they're on the hunt for inactives. They came to my place about 2 months ago, at JW Standard Time (for uninformed readers, it's Saturday morning). My mom was awake, she came to my room and told me but I just waved it off as wishing to sleep in some more. They left and I was aching since to call one of them as we were good friends when I was still a drone. I'd love to ask about the UN business issue but I don't expect any reasonable answer.

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