They made another run at me.

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  • avishai
    Yeah, that 10pm thing... that's wrong. Very bad manners to drop by unannounced at 10pm.
    Looks like the elders find it very difficult to call during the day because they are holding down full-time positions... you know... the kind of job they rail on the Rank and File for holding. I seem to recall them describing such jobs as in indicator of being "spiritual week

    Nah. The ten PM thing they did to me and others a whole lot. Although I find it surprising that they would do it on an older....No, never mind, they did it to my mom too.

    They come by that late to catch you off guard and see if they can "catch" you doing something wrong. And you'll also be more "grumpy" and likely to tell them where to put it. See? It's effeciency in action. Also a Gestapo tactic. Nice, huh?

  • bailabklyn

    I don't like unannounced and uninvited visitors. 10PM and unannounced is a whole 'nother level of rudeness.

    For anyone who fears an elder's visit, conquer that fear. shoo them away or just get "it" over with. Dont' let them waste your time or energy.

  • stillAwitness

    Georgia is great anyone trying to come to the South.

    No hurricanes but still get that nice southern weather.

    Good luck!

  • stillAwitness

    I was just thining about that. Why in the world would someone come knocking at your door at 10 at night?

    How rude! I would of definetly told them to come back another time or I would threaten to call the police.

  • greendawn

    They should have told the elders: it's too late we have no time now to talk with you.

  • shera13

    Hi guys, Im new to this site and Ive appreciated your comments, Ive been going through some hard times and have left this cult for good! I just finished reading your comment about the elders showing up at the most inopertune (I think thats how its spelled...) when my own doorbell rings and guess who?? The elders!!!! Im not df'd but my husband is and talk about uncomfortable!!!! I told em Im done but they are still praying for me ( I need to pray for THEM)! I guess I need to get going on that letter of disassoction huh??? Anyways, I enjoyed your comments to the elders! Wait till next year when I will have all my xmas decorations up, they'll only be able to shake their heads!

  • deeskis

    Hi Shera

  • deeskis

    oops pressed post by mistake

    Welcome to the forum. i'm new too, i've found out some very interesting and encouraging stuff. I wish this had been around 20 years ago when i did the fade and really needed it.


  • Rabbit


    Looks like "wabbit season" is open again.

    Nah -- it's duck season.

    However, I had a visit from my eldest JW kid a couple of days ago. Our Christmas Tree was up, I said, "Come on in..." I don't for one second fear being turned in by him/her, because he/she was smoking at the time. What I do fear is an off-hand remark to my JW X-wife who would love to 'do me a good turn' (out of love for my soul, no doubt) and sic have the Elders apply some scriptural boot leather love to my apostate posterior.

    "Oh, well, hell...Brudder McButtinski, that damned ole evil 'never-been-a-rub-a-dub' wife of mine made me do it. I mean, made me let her have the personal freedoms of choice. You know, the kind of freedom no self-respecting JW husband would give to their wives ? Ya' know ?"

    Anyway -- it's all her fault. And I love her ! That's my story...and I'm stickin' to it !


  • Balsam

    Calling on people at 10:00 pm is very rude, I'd never answer the door to anyone but my kids at that time of night. I can't imagine they being encouraged to call on people that late at night, that is twisted.

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