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  • Dansk

    I'm sitting here while my family are watching TV so I make no apologies for bring it BTTT

    Christmas Day is nearly upon us and I'd like everyone to enjoy it. AND, if you're living alone, here's a special Christmas Wish for you:


    Sincere love and best wishes,


  • Narkissos

    Dear Ian & family,

    It's midnight here (Heilige Nacht, Stille Nacht...).

    I remember that two years ago I posted on your Christmas thread for the first time and I am so happy to do it again now.

    Joyeux Noël everybody!

  • under74

    I'll bump this one again! 2:30am here...can't sleep even though I had a long day. We tried to pull another Santa thing on my younger nephew and and my neice about 2 hours ago. My younger brother played santa again...It worked last year--last year, my nephew was so excited to catch a glimpse of santa he had to be held back so he wouldn't get to close and realize it was my brother.

    They didn't want to get up this time. My older nephew was in on it for this round (he was in charge of waking them up and getting them in the hallway) but in order to prevent his little brother from running out towards Santa he told him before bedtime (he told us afterward) that if santa saw him he wouldn't get any presents. it sounds mean but he meant well lol! And as for my niece, her reply was, "I'm cold. I'll see him next year maybe." She did come out about 15 minutes later to see if santa was still around.

    So, it was a bust this year. BUT as my older nephew pointed out, "it was exciting to us!" So, we had a good time.

    Sorry for the long winded story...I'm tired. ANYWAY, Merry Christmas everyone!

  • Dansk
    it was exciting to us!" So, we had a good time.



    Must tell you this story. Claire and I do some occasional shopping at an upmarket store outside of town. Every time I went in I noticed a beautiful statue of a female seal on her back with her young pup on top of her. They appeared to be kissing each other. Well, I fell in love with that statue and decided that I must purchase it - one day! - but it was a little too expensive. At last, we were visiting the store again, about 5 months ago, when I decided blast the expense I'm going to purchase it - only to find that it was sold and the store couldn't get hold of any more as it was discontinued (the statue is made by Austin, by the way). I tried various internet locations but couldn't get hold of the statue. It taught me a lesson - IF YOU TRULY LIKE SOMETHING GET IT!!!

    Imagine my joy to find that Claire had tracked a statue down and she gave it to me for my present! It's beautiful!!

    Hope your day is just as happy.

    Love to All. Thanks, Didier!!


  • Golf

    Season's greetings to you the family Dansk.

    When I was week-end a radio DJ, I would always play Elvis's "Why Can't Everyday Be Like Christmas"at this time of the year (witness or not) and you know what, that song is hardly played, hmmmmmmm, if you listen to the words maybe you'll understand why.

    My wife is doing fine, the Doc gave her some good news at her last appointment.

    Again, the best of health.


  • Dansk
    My wife is doing fine, the Doc gave her some good news at her last appointment.

    Now THAT has got to be the best of Christmas presents!

    Love to you both,

    Ian & Claire

  • carla

    Merry Christmas Everyone!

    I'm waiting for my kids to get up and open presents and eat too much out of their stockings! Then off to Grandma's for more Christmas fun with all my siblings and their kids.

  • kls

    Merry Christmas Ian ,Claire and family ,and may this New Year bring happiness and health to you .

    Merry Christmas to you all

  • happehanna

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

    May this time of year bring you joy.

  • SPAZnik

    ditto on the spreading of peace and joy stuff :)

    is it important to keep the greetings all together for some reason? ;)

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