Am I weird, in that I actually want the world to end?

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  • prophecor

    Win or lose, hands down, I actually looked forward to witnessing such a truly awesome event. If I was on the losing team, at least I would have known without any uncertainty, whatsoever, whether there was the God that the witnesses harped about for all time, then God in his mercy would execute me immediately. His not wishing even the wicked to suffer. Just make them disappear.

    Then, if it was I on the winning team, well, who can argue with forever in paradise? I still believe it's coming to a theatre near you, and soon!!!

    *Still Waiting on the Mercies of Jah*

  • Carmel

    "I wish this blessing to appear and become manifest in the faces and characteristics of the believers, so that they, too, may become a new people, and having found new life and been baptized with fire and spirit, may make the world a new world, to the end that the old earth may disappear and the new earth appear; old ideas depart and new thoughts come; old garments be cast aside and new garments put on; ancient politics whose foundation is war be discarded and modern politics founded on peace raise the standard of victory; the new star shine and gleam and the new sun illumine and radiate; new flowers bloom, the new spring become known; the new breeze blow; the new bounty descend; the new tree give forth new fruit; the new voice become raised and this new sound reach the ears, that the new will follow the new, and all the old furnishings and adornments be cast aside and new decorations put in their places."

    (Abdu'l-Baha, Tablets of Abdu'l-Baha v1, p. 38)

  • heathen

    I think tho in all fairness God for his part will have made complete and total proof of impending doom ,especially if you read revelation , and that he does exist so people should repent and be saved but rather than that they continue to work their evil thus leaving nothing but their own misery and eternal damnation . I'm expecting to see the city of new jerusalem light up in the heavens revealing the son of man and his arrival any day now actually . I do know I'm tired of watching the miserable cretans of this world wielding all kinds of power , not knowing or caring and opressing .

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