Anyone Seen The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe yet?

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    The Lying Bitch and her Wardrobe? LOL!!! That about sums it up!

    (Have you had your hearing checked lately? )


  • bebu

    The movie seemed like they took the images out of my head from when I first read the book. My younger son and I thoroughly enjoyed it. There have been other movies (of sorts) on this book, but I never bothered to see them because it would take the kind of special effects we've currently got to really pull it off exactly right.

    The best books of this series, imo, are the first one (Lion, Witch, Wardrobe), The Magician's Nephew (kind of a prequel to explain how Narnia got started and how humans ever got involved in the first place), and The Last Battle (everything 'ends').

    The whole series is a great story, period. The themes in it are found in other classics. Just go and enjoy it, even for the special effects.


  • TallTexan

    I don't know if I should see has a WITCH in it..... ;-)

    My girlfriend can't believe that I couldn't watch Bewitched, I Dream of Genie or any shows that had 'occultic' overtones when I was growing up....


    TT...We weren't allowed to watch Bewitched, but could watch Jeannie...go figure!!! My brothers and I would watch Bewitched when my parents were gone and one of us had to be the "lookout"...we would turn that channel fast when they drove up!!! Ha! I could never understand what the big deal was!!!

    Swalker (Hates rules now class!)

  • tetrapod.sapien

    i went to see it. in general, i yawned and giggled a lot. between the bloodless battles and warrior children and the jesus lion. i laughed out loud when the witch backhanded the kid in the face. of course i totally embarassed myself because i was the only person who found it funny, he he.

    however, the witch was really hot, and had good style. as the movie progressed i liked her more and more. just a pathetically evil blonde witch whipping a couple of polars bears into battle against the best good guy you could ever imagine, and a few cute english kids. easy way to win my heart, for sure. oh, and i really liked the make up on the bad guys and some of the good guys. wow, that was well done. i really like the minotuars. always how i pictured them.


  • tetrapod.sapien

    apparently, JRR Tolkein and C.S. Lewis belonged to the same Christian Reading Book Club. interesting, to me anyways.


  • ChristianObserver

    Enjoyed the film and thought that Georgie Henley - who played Lucy - was excellent.

    Tolkien and C S Lewis were both members of 'The Inklings'. They met at Oxford University when they both joined the English faculty there.

  • blondie

    I didn't see any more Christian parallels than in Star Wars and LOTR. The Egyptians had a god that died and was resurrected, Osiris.

  • rebel8

    I started reading the book when I was a JW kid and I thought I heard demons in my room making heavy breathing noises. My mother said they were after me because of the book, so back it went to the library and I had to pray as a penance. I just saw the movie last night and so far, no (unexplained) heavy breathing noises in my bedroom. Must be the book itself was demonized but the movie wasn't.

  • gaiagirl

    I read the books years ago, and liked them very much. I thought there was a great deal of christian symbolism, and even literalization of some scriptural passages. For example, The Last Battle is clearly about Armageddon, and some events are written to happen exactly as described in the bible, for example, stars literally fall from the sky (they are conscious entities). One thing I found interesting was that after everything was over, the survivors were shown that neither Narnia, nor the "normal" world we are familiar with, were "real" worlds. All were sort of imperfect reflections of the "real" world, and everyone who survived the battle now got to actually enter the "real" world and live with Aslan forever.

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