Living proof: Elders are not spirit appointed

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  • enlightenedcynic

    I once raised this very same objection to a bethel elder who I had known since the age of 9. He gave me one of the smoothest responses I've ever heard. One of those responses that if you let it, would cause you to think something is wrong with you and make you try and repress your doubts. He said, "The appointment of an elder in of itself, is not evidence of Jehovah's is the elder's attitude and actions after appointment that give evidence of Jehovah's blessing. Only time will reveal whether an appointment is by holy spirit or not."

    I know that is a total load of crap now, but when I was just starting my spiritual awakening 3 years ago, that line of reasoning seemed plausible at the time.


  • crazies

    Appointed by HS is a bunch of BS. While I was growing up a couple of the guys I spent a lot of my time with were both MS and we did all kinds of bad stuff. Every time we got together we would watch porn, in fact we went on a trip togther once and the whole trip all we did was watch porn and smoke cigars. (This is while they were both MS). We would also get drunk pretty much any occasion when no one was around. They are both still MS today. At least I can still call them and say pretty much whatever I want to.

  • atypical

    Richie, that was hilarious! I wish I was enlightened back when I had to put up with a judicial committee. I sat in the other room and sweated like a whore in church worrying what was gonna happen to me.

  • DannyHaszard

    In nature usually the cream will float to the top in the borg it's the scum that floats to the top.

    Jesus said," his followers would be the salt of the earth not the scum of the earth"

    This is serious,to say you have God's spirit when you don't is blasphemy plain and simple.

  • DannyHaszard

    Henry Judson was a GB member from Middleboro Massachusetts (now deceased and still dead) when we had him over the Haszard home for dinner ca.early 1960's he explained that his mark of the 'heavenly calling' was like a Cow upon returning to the barn always goes to the same stall,it just knows that's where it belongs.

  • reaper

    Nothing in the Watchtower Movement is appointed by Holy Spirit, more like the Demons. The WT do not even believe in the Person of the Holy Spirit, who is intelligent and can councel, so how can they expect him to direct them or appoint them?

    The whole thing is founded on Corporate lines, and selection is like Secret Societies.

  • reaper

    The whole of the Borg is based on lies and blasphemy Danny. When I was a kid, my Dad told us that none of us would dies and we would all be in paradise soon. That was in the mid 1950s. I had a younger brother (killed at 17) an even younger sister (died in 2000 after many years of mental illness over her brothers sudden death) Dad died early 1994 and finally Mum died early 2001. I am the only one left out of a family of 5 and I am knocking on 59 years of age.

    But the Lord God has released me and my wife and both daughters and their husbands from Satanic captivity. The only truth is Jesus. He is the way the truth and the life, and we are so glad we have found it.

  • Honesty

    In fact I am a lot better now I am a Born Again Christian, as the Holy Spirit teaches me how to live.

    That is something I could never understand, HOW COULD AN IMPERSONAL ACTIVE FORCE APPOINT ANYONE? The Holy Spirit IS a PERSON. He is God himself.

    And that is why I know without a shadow of doubt that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, its Governing Body, BO's, DO's, CO's, elders, MS, pioneers and publishers are all being deceived by Satan, the real god of the JW cult. I pray every day that soon the cult will be exposed to the whole world by my God and my Lord Jesus for what it is.

    I praise and thank our Lord Jesus Christ every day for taking me and many others out of that demonised environment.

  • reaper

    If its any comfort Honesty, my wife had a vison about 2 years ago, it was a big stone watchtower up on a hill, and all of a sudden cracks started appearing in it. She said a bright light from heaven was shinning into the top of it, and then stones were being loosened from the walls and started rolling down the hill. She was also told that the Lord would send them running to us, and that we would be a beacon to them.

    This is starting to happen now. My wifes best friend who actually left the borg with her husband 30 years ago, has now started phoning us up, because she is concerned for her aged parents who are still in the borg. She met them today for lunch, and they told her that one of the 'brothers' had committed suicide. We knew the family, and knew his sister very well.

    So we now know 5 people who killed themselves because of that religion. The friend started to talk to her parents about what I had told her about the WT and she got the usual response 'Apostate Lies' to which she replied, well Dave (thats me) would say that your Society are the Apostates. She then said to her Dad 'But Chris and Dave still LOVE YOU' and why should I believe that you are telling the truth any more than Dave?

    So after 30 years Joy (thats her name) has at long last stood up to her Mum & Dad. She has been living with Guilt and Fear ever since they left all those years ago. The WT actually CURSE people and cause them all sorts of problems even when they leave unless they get those curses broken in the name of Jesus precious shed blood.

  • Confession

    This actually bothered me a bit while still in. The elder whose judicial committee I chaired (as it turned out) had a history of pedophilistic activity. He had been appointed, he'd stepped aside and was reappointed at least two times--without his pedophilia ever having been uncovered. The story starts here if you'd care to read it...

    Anyway, I came to the conclusion that Holy Spirit was definitely NOT in constant operation among congregations of JWs. I even recall being sensitive when other elders would insist that appointments and decisions were the "direct result" of Holy Spirit. I recall privately (at least two times) saying something like...

    "Look... I believe this is Jehovah's organization and that it's "The Truth." But don't try to tell me that Jehovah's spirit is responsible for every single decision that elder bodies make. I believe that eventually Jehovah rights the wrongs, but there is no WAY he has direct control over congregational decisions."

    I would point out situations like the one I describe above and others. It seems at least once per week I am reminded of these thoughts I used to have. I guess the baloney just started to pile too high, huh?

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