Living proof: Elders are not spirit appointed

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  • IP_SEC

    Witnesses say that elders are appointed by holy spirit. The bible is the product of HS and when the body prays and uses the bible’s qualifications for older men in the context of the perspective candidate HS is involved in his approval or disapproval. Then when the CO passes the recommendation on the GB (or who ever actually makes the decision) these spirit appointed men are influenced by HS.

    All well and good, the only problem is, it does not work. I can use myself as an example of this. By all accounts I looked like a fine upstanding brother. I spent lots of hours in the ministry, good teacher, even tempered, and a hard worker in the congregation. As a pioneer I was appointed as a servant at 17 and an elder at 27. So far so good eh? Not quite.

    1. At the time, privately I drank too much.
    2. I did some naughty things with girl friends.
    3. I was/am much involved in meditation.
    4. Never liked the Society telling me what to do.
    5. Couldn’t get my mind wrapped around non existence at death.
    6. Cheated on my field service time.
    7. Had used tobacco, and the elders didnt know.

    I could probably go on, but you get the point, I don’t think Jehovah would have cared to have me in a position of responsibility if he was in charge of the decision.

    With all these marks against me, how’d I slip through the cracks and get even circuit and district organization responsibilities? HS is not involved in the appointments of elders.

    Most of you have probably had experience with bad apple elders. Did they turn bad after their appointment? Probably not. Any other ex or current elders with a similar experience?

  • JH

    I'll have to shun you IP_Sec

  • IP_SEC

    *crosses JH off of possible drinking buddy list*


    For some odd reason, I was always "in the know" on people at the hall from an early age. I would have adults tell me things I should never have heard about other people. So for as long as I can remember I would always roll my eyes when I head that---never believed it. You guys didn't fool me for a second!!! Just thought you might be interested to know that we didn't all fall for it either.


  • serendipity

    Hi IP Sec,

    The Bible has examples that show Jehovah used questionable characters to fulfill his will. On the other hand, I believe Jehovah is more merciful than the WTS, so maybe you weren't as bad as you thought. Despite your 'failings' you could still be used. And are still being used. Don't constrain God or the Holy Spirit.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    hello, Thanks for that humble confession. I have been feeling I'm spirit anointed for 5 years now. 2 different brothers, in the back room, told me I wasn't. The one said, "I'm appointed by holy spirit". Like I was to believe I wasn't anointed because of that. Well, I appreciate your words...phileo, Star


  • JH

    Nah IP_SEC, we can still drink together anytime

    How about next fall at the Apostocheesefest in Stevens Point, Wisconsin? I'll be there.

    Coming back to your topic, One becomes an elder if he can teach, if he is willing to feed all that BS to the others in the congregation. It has nothing to do with the holy spirit.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Do you know is HS suppose to direct the bro's decision on whether or not to allow someone to get baptized ? I know they have told certain ones they were not ready yet and to wait a while , is this because they feel they are being guided that way by HS ?

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Oh and by the way ...I could drink some beer as long as I can chase it with a Long Island Ice Tea

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    Ip sec

    Ive always wondered that too.

    I defo did numbers 1 and 2 in your list.....right up to appointment as a Minnie servant at age 20.Shouldnot an alleged holy spirit have prevented me?Must admit at the time i did genuinely wonder about it.Now im long gone ive seen all the BS for what it was worth.

    But then our P.O was/is a known Drunk.

    The secretary is a total letch.

    The Wt study conductor is an arrogant jerk who makes up experiences on the platform...hmm i could go on.....

    I wonder if anyone had guessed my old Cong??Nah,its not narrowed down anywhere near

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