Living proof: Elders are not spirit appointed

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  • stevenyc

    It wasn't until I'd finished your post that I realised HS meant Holy Spirt and not Horse Sh!t!!!


  • RichieRich

    I totally agree IP.

    Marinate on this:

    on the day of judicially committee, when I was dismissed for the room so they could pick a verdict (with Jah's help no doubt), I walked into the next room and did everything I could think of. Middle fingers at the ceiling, muttered curse words, crotch grabbing, ass slapping, after having just signed up for this site not 5 hours before. And when I walked in that room, they said they felt I was repentant.

    Months later, we reconvened, and all of my privileges were restored.

    I continue to move up in the congregation while my behavior falls down on the JW scale.

    Spirit appointed... sure.

  • Satanus


    I got a laugh outta that. Horse $h!t, indeed.


  • IP_SEC
    Ah yes IP SEC...but Jehovah did eventually straighten out the situation and get rid of you didn't he?.....(

    Hahha bav, boy I sure thought of that, even as I was handing in my resignation. Holy Spirit in retrospect eh? I like it!

    Middle fingers at the ceiling, muttered curse words, crotch grabbing, ass slapping

    Sounds deminized rich lol

  • greendawn

    None in the JW hierachy is spirit appointed or inspired and that idea is just there to deceive and create the impression that this org has a superior divine mission and authority.

    See the unstable everchanging jw truth (doctrines) compared to the real divine truth which is eternally unchanged. Their truth can't be inspired of God.

  • willyloman

    For a long time I thought HS (holy spirit, I mean) was in fact active on the body and worked to resolve differences and point the way to lead the congo. But I was an idealist and overlooked the abundance of evidence to the contrary. What straightened me right out was when our congo whent through an unneccessary "split" engineered by ambitious fellow elders who were constantly fighting over who should get the privileged positons, i.e., WT overseer, PO, etc.

    They carved the congo up like a trussed turkey and split up family and friends with no regard to feelings or very real impact on the lives of the "flock in their care."

    I knew then this was a sham. I wish to hell I'd have walked then, instead of a decade later.

  • outoftheorg

    I was an elder for some time, until I moved to another state and even though I had a letter from the previous congregation that I was in good standing, I refused to accept the assignment. That group of elders convinced me that none of the elders were spirit directed.

    Most of them that I encountered over the years, were either raving ego maniacal or power hungry and the few good ones, didn't have the guts to stand up to them.

    None of them and especially myself were never spirit directed. I was treated with more respect and saw more inteligence and cooperation when I would be in a corporation board meeting.


  • peacefulpete

    Appointment by HS is defined as meeting the qualifications as defined by the WTSociety. Those that keep their doubts and "sins" secret (deceiving both self and others) and make connections with the right people are groomed for the roles. The illusion of HS influence/guidance is accomplished through the group collective thinking and decision making. Each member leaves without having his personal views fully accepted by the group. The better the group of men cooperate the better the illusion that they were merely instruments of some higher mind.

  • geevee

    In reality, the appointment of anyone to ms or elder is a popularity vote, yes they may have made you jump through a hoop or two but in the end you get their vote and you are in. What about when a forceful elder has to battle the body and gets you through? Was that holy spirit? I think not, just someone who can argue.

  • ocsrf
    Not so sure that you were a typical elder. Personally, both prior to being appointed and after, I was beyond reproach.

    Well, I guess we will have to take your word on that. Besides, that is just about how it works in the Organization. They generally ask if there is anything that would disqualify one from being a servant, so they wait and see if you own up to anything. Since we all are imperfect, I would say that all fall short of the mark, they are just not honest enought to recognize their own faults. Some may argue that some faults are more grave than another, but when you are judging people and embarrasing them and taking the association away from their families, you better be pretty close to perfection or you will have people talking about you as if you are a huge hypocrit.


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