Living proof: Elders are not spirit appointed

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  • AlmostAtheist
    I have been feeling I'm spirit anointed for 5 years now. 2 different brothers, in the back room, told me I wasn't

    That's rich. They teach that the annointed "just know" if they are, and yet they feel qualified to tell you you're not? Gotta love JW's...


  • Bryan

    My father is the perfect example of elders NOT being appointed by Holy Spirit.


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    One of the 'Mini Loyalty Questions' that I kept hearing during the time I was doubting some things and asking some difficult questions to answer was "Do you not believe that I/We as elders were appointed by Holy Spirit?"

    I often pointed to the examples related in one of the yearbooks [Mid-1970's I think] about the 'appointment' of dozens of men to congregational responsibility in Pre-War Germany or the Soviet Union [I think it was Germany - but can't find the actual articles]. The end of the matter was that these men served as informers to the government and aided them in rounding up the witnesses and incarceration or worse.

    I returned fire with that example and asked if those men were appointed by Holy Spirit too? Those infiltrators were either Nazi or communist with the obvious intention of evil towards the witnesses. How did they get past the Holy Spirit's screeening process? The frequent reply was that Jehovah was 'allowing a test'. Of course He could not be allowing a test with their appointment could He? I did not make myself too popular with that observation.

    I wish I could recall where those articles were for sure. I think it was in a yearbook, but my seach of the 1974 YB article on Germany did not reveal the incidents I recall reading.


  • eyeslice

    IP Sec,

    Not so sure that you were a typical elder. Personally, both prior to being appointed and after, I was beyond reproach.
    I do take your point however, that being appointed as an elder is more often a case of how well your face fits rather than anything to do with the holy spirit.

  • Doom
    then our P.O was/is a known Drunk.

    The secretary is a total letch.

    The Wt study conductor is an arrogant jerk who makes up experiences on the platform...hmm i could go on.....

    I wonder if anyone had guessed my old Cong??Nah,its not narrowed down anywhere near

    Fleaman uk you are describing my cong there (yes really)! But then that also applies to many congs I should think. Come on tell me where please.

    Taken on face value The phrase "Spirit appointed" has the obvious conotation that the appointed man is appointed or not on the direct involvement of Holy Spirit.

    The appoinment by holy spirit idea of "Spirit appointed" is a very loose link indeed and is very overplayed. This is how it really goes: Bible is takn as Spirit inspired, the Bible is used as qualifier for appoinment, = appointment based on Spirit inspired texts at best. Basing appointment on texts taken as spirit inspired is then turned to being "Spirit Appointed" with all the typical excessive literalism we normally see. God I'm going anti aren't I?



  • Maryjane

    Hey IP...this is the VERY thing that brought me out of the org! It wasn't til I started dating a naughty Ministerial Servant that I started to question the "spirit appointed" claim. After that I started questioning everything the GB said and it wasn't long before I was outtie!

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    I think the Elders are Spirit Appointed....Evil Spirits!

    I'm sure there are some out there that start with good intentions, but I think they are few and far between.


  • IP_SEC

    Ha! I didnt intend to make myself look like a scoundrel, but I guess I did.

    I was not mean as an elder, and knowing what I knew about myself, tried not to be condemnitory. I guess being judgmental comes with the territory tho.

    both prior to being appointed and after, I was beyond reproach.

    Eyeslice, I know a lot of brothers like that. I dont suspect they've done anything in the JW sense to be removed or not appointed.

    The fact remains though that I probably should have never been appointed, and was. There is a flaw in the system.

  • reaper

    I was appointed an Elder at 28 years of age way back in 1976. My Dad was an Elder from day one and had been a Congregation Servant before that. When I was appointed, I felt like I had joined the CLUB. But at my first Elders Meeting I was shocked to see Elders whom i respected shaking fists at each other, because one wanted his daughter to marry a WORLDLING in the KH.

    I must say that I was not really very qualified as I often swore and listened to rock bands like Led Zeppelin, Queen, Pink Floyd and Deep Purple. I even went to a live Queen concert in 1976 when I was an Elder. One night I was sitting at home listening to Frank Zapper VERY LOUD and another Elder called around to see me. I think he was rather shocked to hear what I was listening to. I was PO at the time as well so he said nothing. I also went to a wild party with my wife in London way back in 1981 and Stevie Wonder came to the party to hear our Loudspeakers that we had produced. I was in the Hi Fi business back then, and we were trying to get them endorsed by Stevie.

    Although I have always been faithful to my lovely wife, I haven't exactly been a model JW.

    In fact I am a lot better now I am a Born Again Christian, as the Holy Spirit teaches me how to live.

    That is something I could never understand, HOW COULD AN IMPERSONAL ACTIVE FORCE APPOINT ANYONE? The Holy Spirit IS a PERSON. He is God himself.

    The whole concept of secret meetings to discuss other brothers behind their backs STUNK to me. It resembles FREEMASONS, which are of course OCCULT and governed by Satan. The masons gods are Jehovah, Baal and Osiris. Jah Bu Lon, so I do not even like using the name Jehovah anymore, I prefer the more accurate Yahweh.

  • bavman

    Ah yes IP SEC...but Jehovah did eventually straighten out the situation and get rid of you didn't he?.....(playing the good JW role)

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