Service Report for 2005 is not all good

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  • AnnOMaly
    A poster stated

    "They probably put me down for ten on the basis of my saying I had talked to people about the truth"


    I have to disagree with this Poster, No SEC would record 10hours - In my exp as a SEC i have never heard or know of any SEC that would put 10hours down-but he might put down 9- smile

    Our Sec does that. Or rather, he would if you did 10 hours the previous month, forgot to hand in your report this month and called to say "You forgot to turn in your slip so I just put in what you did last month. You can adjust it next month, OK?"

    I just say "OK" and think 'Yeah, whatever.' Not that I've done as much as 10 hours in years (barely active), but had I done 10 hours, that's what he'd count.

    I'd be interested to know how common this was, where Sec's put made-up reports in for forgetful publishers.

  • ballistic
    The estimated world population increase for the last year was 1.15%

    I think this is the most important point. All those billions of hours wasted and they're barely managing to keep their children in through natural growth of the JW population.

  • AuldSoul


    JT was teasing, he added: "but he might put down 9- smile"


  • eyeslice

    It is even worse.
    What you cannot glean from these figures is just how serious the drain of young people is. The days of enthusiastic young people coming through the ranks and 'reaching out' for responsibilty are long gone.

  • stillAwitness

    hey count me in too! About 300 of those hours were fake too!

    The brother used to always call me last minute asking me to just give him a number of what I think I did in service last week while I'm still trying to get the sleep out of my eyes.

    What a shmuck!

  • ocsrf

    I wonder what the number of barely active ones are. People like me who go to at least one or two meetings a week, show up in field service once a month but do not contribute $$$$ to any of the boxes scattered around the hall like confetti. Someone else mentione about those who checked out mentally, I am sure that represents hundreds of thousands including many elders who continue along the path just to keep family and home in tack.


  • AnnOMaly

    Hi AuldSoul - I saw he was teasing after I posted so went back and modified my message! Often a true word spoken in jest, huh? I am curious how many Secretaries manipulate the reports.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    eyeslice said:

    "The days of enthusiastic young people coming through the ranks and 'reaching out' for responsibilty are long gone."

    This is so true. Does anybody remember that absurd pamphlet printed on GLOSSY PAPER made as a call out to the "young ones" to reach out? You can totally see what is happening, they are loosing the battle with their youth.

  • Dune

    They're losing the battle with their youth simply because they arent giving us any incentives. I mean, what sane 13-19 year old would actually leave whatever they have in the "world" and become witnesses.

    I was baptized at 11, and i often ask myself WTF i'm doing here. All of the teenagers in my congregation have either left the organization or have become inactive.

    Its really crazy/sad when you cant remember doing anything remotely exciting for the past year. Its really things like this that make people apprehensive to joining the "RANKS".

  • cheezy

    Interesting that when viewed in statistical context, the numbers are so poor. Two reasons I say this:

    1. I would seriously bet my car that they inflate the figures and manipulate the criteria for the data they track - but they probably have adhere somewhat to reality - i.e., 5% inflation over reality, but not 25%

    2. They used to point to service increases of any kind as implied credibility - "this has to be God's organization to be growing this much."

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