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  • AlmostAtheist
    YPA: Why do I hurt myself? Oh I don't know, say 15 or so years of delayed gratification in which none of your needs as a human being are important maybe?

    I would guess it has more to do with Demons and other forms of Satanic influence. And something the kid did, since we have to work guilt in there somewhere.

    Ok.. supernatural causes that you can't do anything about... guilt, so your cutting will get worse, but you're more likely to hide it... Yep, I think that about covers it.

    (I haven't read the article, so I could be wrong. [But I wouldn't put much money on it.])


  • Bryan
    When do they hit bottom with this spiral of dumbing down?

    I feel this exactly what they are working on. They realize that they only growth they can achieve, is that of the uneducated.


  • eyeslice

    I subscribe to National Geaographic magazine.
    It content and research is generally excellent and way better than anything Awake churns out.
    I have some idea of how the Awake editorial process works out. As Awake correspone in some far flung corner of the earth, say India, you submit an article on some local subject and it goes through so many iterations of editing by Brooklyn, that by the end of the process they may have written it themselves without ever visiting the country.

  • tall penguin
    tall penguin

    Anybody else a little freaked out by the little boy's eyes on this awake cover? I mean, he looks like he's feelin' the effects of the kool aid in a big way, if ya know what I mean ;) It's rather disturbing.
    tall penguin

  • Lilycurly

    I guess the next step should be some biblical cartoon on the last page, Jack Chick style. And the kiddies would have to go trough all of the magazine before getting to read "A pionner's adventures in door to door" or "Samson's quest" every month.

  • Apostanator

    Minimus....Ah,,, Awake actually publishes f*cktual information.

  • I-CH-TH-U-S
    AuldSoul P.S. Why is only one person sinking? DUH! The other guy knew where the rocks were!

    u got it all wrong, jesus isnt sinking and we all know he created flipper, its just an allusion, u just cant see flipper

  • Virgogirl

    I must be old, but it kinda reminds me of my first grade reader, "Fun With Dick and Jane!" Here was the writing style: "Run, Dick, run! See Spot run! 'Oh', cried Jane! See Dick and Spot run! Run, run, run!" Yeah, that was for first grade kiddies to learn to read, but that's about the educational level these mags are catering to.And, people, please tell me I'm not the only one who remembers Dick and Jane and Spotty!

  • DavidChristopher

    You know...they have a problem, Why have they not "discovered" anything new in a hundred years out of the bible? Do they know it all? Or are they scared that if they recant millions will lose faith in them? No, I think they will ride out as long as they can until the numbers start radically falling. It would be nice and wise on their parts to beg people to take their faith out of them and put it in the Bible where it belongs. I don't think they really want their "reward" for caring and searching for the "lost sheep". As we can all see they want these "lost sheep" destroyed. Shame on you Jonah's Witnesses. Jesus wouldn't do that. How can imperfect people teach others to be perfect, and teach them with mere words at that!? How about SHOWING what Jesus did? Go tell Bush he is evil and needs to repent, or he is going to be destroyed, and prove to others his sins so they won't follow in his example. Since they care so much, I am sure The president would be understanding and respect the freedom of speech. Funny, can you see millions of witnesses doing that? Would that be wrong? (would to Bush wouldn't it)

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Hi, I'm kinda new here. Thanks Severus for that "scoop" on the new Dozey! magazine Omigawd! what

    have I just said?? I mean Awake! [ the exclamation mark always bothered me] Back in the 60s when I was a 20yr old standing on the street corner every saturday arvo pushing the Awake! [yes marm, just like the the Readers Digest, only better] onto disinterested passersby, we held the Awake! in almost gospel like esteem - the only thing nearer to God was the Watchtower - it must somehow mean that its importance has diminished in the eyes of the R&F By the way now that I have become a disinterested passerby I don't see any of the faithful on the street corners anymore. Although I did bump into a furtive sort of character one morning near the train station, I almost expected him to flip open his coat and sell me dirty postcards or cheap watches. I wonder if Nathan Homer Gnaw is turning in his grave - or wherever it is former GB members go? He so loved statistics and the graph going upwards I also wonder if the R&F are embarrassed by the utter childishness of some of the articles? I mean '' can you identify the guys in the boat''??? It seems not much has changed. When Freddy wrote the articles they were so convoluted they were impossible to understand, now they are so moronic they are STILL impossible to understand

    Good Lord!! Is that the time? Sorry- must rush, She Who Must Be Fed is snapping at my ankles Cheers

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