Here's a pic of a XMas Card signed by Russell--with Mason symbols!

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  • rebel8

    AuntieJane, If I find the hard copy I could try to email you a scan. No matter how I post scans in this forum, they always come out blurry. I definitely cannot vouch for its authenticity either. I bought a copy of the original card off ebay. IMO there's no real reason to have a significant doubt about it because it is no secret the JWs used to celebrate XMas.

  • ozziepost

    Does it say "Christian Greetings and Best Wishes to the New Creation" ?

    Hmmm, that's different.

  • Woodsman

    While the Masonic symbols on WTS literature is interesting I'm not sure Russell would have viewed it as entirely inconsistent with WTS doctrine at the time. Masons are made up of people of all religions and encourage their followers to pursue their faiths. They consider themselves a fraternity and not a religion. I have read several old Masonic texts and can say that it definetly is inconsistent with most forms of Christianity. But Russell was involved with many things that are inconsistent with most forms of Christianty so why not Masonry.

    I think the ties to pyramidology are very interesting since even the WTS thru Rutherford said it was Satanic. The sun symbol on the Studies in the Scriptures is so blatant it is hard to imagine it does not cause more concern amongst JWs. The reliance on the pyramids and use of Egyptian terminology like golden age are also telling. In Russells defense the Old Testament actually assigns an importance to the sun and to the east so making a connection between the ancient Egyptians and the ancient Hebrews is not farfetched.

    I think the similiarities in all religions is an interesting topic. If the JWs believed that God appears in many forms to many people there would be no reason to deny Russells strange roots.

  • Sunnygal41

    We had an elderly couple in our hall..........he was of the anointed class........she was other sheep..........after his death, my ex and I stopped by to visit from time to time and she showed us the "cross and crown" pin that all anointed wore on their lapels in the early days..........she was so much fun to talk with.........shared lots of juicy goings on in the ranks even back then........also stories she'd heard about missionaries who got involved in immorality..........she and her husband had a large home and opened it up to any colporteurs who needed to stay there when they were traveling to do unassigned territory or give talks. She had old books and magazines also, from the 1800's that I got to flip thru........she was a dear soul and very open about the mistakes from the early days that the organization made. She totally idolized her husband, who was very active with Bethel and Rutherford. Terri

  • Sheepish

    Well they can talk about new light all they want, but what about building on a false foundation? What about their leader being misled from the start?

    The Great Pyramid actually has really interesting ties to the Bible. It ain't scripture, but it is like the stars, it also tells the story.

  • rebel8

    Well I've scoured the house and can't find the hard copy. Here's a transcript to the best of my ability:

    "Christian Greetings and Best Wishes to The New Creation


    ?????????????? THE WATCH TOWER ???? of recent issues may be found especially ?????? and helpful:

    My view unto the Lord (lists scriptures)

    My morning resolve

    Principles of love and ???

    God first--self last

    Danger in spiritual paradise

    Year Text for 1917

    (quotes scripture from Numbers, 4:24-26 I think, using The Lord instead of the word Jehovah)

    Your fellow servant,

    (Russell's signature)

    Brooklyn, N.Y."

  • Benjamin Belial
    Benjamin Belial

    Interesting that you brought this up, as I am working on a page on my site about Russel's ties to the Masons. The pictures I'm sure you've all seen before, but my slant might be a little different. There is definately more to be added soon about the JW ties to the United Nations and thus the New World Order.

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