Here's a pic of a XMas Card signed by Russell--with Mason symbols!

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  • rebel8

    Ok I was kidding about the Mason thing. For those of you who haven't ever seen this....... This is not news or anything; just thought some may be interested to see it.

    If I find the original I'll post a transcript. Right now I can't find it and the text seems blurry when I post the scan. Anyway, it has the cross logo in the left corner and mistletoe/bells in the right corner.

  • Pleasuredome

    why you kidding about a freemason symbol when there is actually one on there?

  • Satanus

    That's very nice. Can i get one too?


  • rebel8

    What is the Freemason symbol?

  • AuntieJane

    Is there somewhere we can look for a better copy...and something to authenticate it so we can

    send this to our JW relatives?? Serious!

  • reaper

    The slanted cross and crown are a Masonic Knight Of The Templar symbol. Totally Masonic. He also was facinated by the Great Pyramid, just like the Masons are. The Dollar Bill also has many Masonic Symbols on it, ie pyramid and all seeing eye of horus.

    We knew NONE of this when we were in the JWs. I wonder why?

  • West70

    Maybe someone with the knowhow could post just the photo of this 1898 butterdish commemorating the 1898 Knights Templar Concave held in Allegheny, Pennsylvania. (Russell commented in ZWT on this Masonic Convention, including the KT's use of the C/C emblem.)

    Despite the commentary below the photo, I'm not sure the building is the Allegheny Commandery or the hotel where the Concave was held?

    In any case, the fact that the building has what resembles a "watchtower" is rather amusing.

  • peacefulpete

    The angled cross and crown symbol is not exclusively Masonic. It was and is used by many Christian churches and organizations. The Christian Science church uses it prominently.

  • blondie

    Cross and Crown Enameled Pin

    22k gold-plated pin based on a stained glass window from Christian Science Hall in Concord, New Hampshire.

    In October 1897, Mary Baker Eddy approved plans for the renovation of a house she had purchased for Christian Science worship services in Concord. The first services were held there on December 5th. Christian Science Hall was replaced in 1904 by First Church of Christ, Scientist, Concord.

    This stained glass window is now part of the Longyear Museum collection.

    the original cross and crown seal on Christian Science books

  • Eyebrow2

    I think that is very interesting, but I think any JW you send it too well be like: well, he didn't know any better. He didn't have the "new light" yet that showed they shouldn't celebrat xmas"

    yadda, yadda yadda...that is very cool though.


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