reading Proclaimers book

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  • serendipity

    Hi Merry,

    I don't know any JW's who have read the book. I've just skimmed through it to see how they handled the power struggle after Russell's death and if they mentioned that the Bible students celebrated holidays and used the cross. I don't think that ch1 was all that bad. Once you keep going, you'll have plenty of ammunition, eh, I mean discussion points for your Mom.

  • MerryMagdalene

    Thanks for the quotes, Ringo...this one bit made me smile, even chuckle for some reason:

    “Happy are they that can take a name that nobody under the sun wants

    AuldSoul--yes, I.........................................can.............................hold out.....................aaaaaarrrrrrgh

    ackack--I don't have Apocolypse Delayedso I'm counting on those who do to chime in

    jwfacts--too true! ticker--yes, b o r i n g

    miss peaches--thanks!!! I do love my mom and am still trying to figure out how to talk to her about the real truth...slow and easy doesn't come natural to an Aries like me thanks for the reminder about kindness and love and setting an example by how I live, Drew...I enjoyed your cartoons btw

    serendipity--interesting point that so few JWs may have read this book, although I'm pretty sure most of my family has...that's just the way they are

    Makes me wonder if I should have went with their new #1 study book--can I call it the "Really?!? book" for short--instead? Anybody know if there are still plans in the works to annotate the Appendix to that one?

    Thanks again for the sympathy and encouragementIs it still legal for me to lol?


  • M.J.


    You might want to read this book alongside Captives of a Concept, which has a section dedicated to the Proclaimers book.

  • Woodsman


    You guys must have alot of time in Idaho. I think you ought to read different translations of the Bible to help you learn that the WTS is not God's Org. I admire your willingness to take on a challenge.

  • dedpoet

    Good analysis merry, well thought out. It is, however, a big book, and I don't envy you having to wade through it. Rather you than me.

  • Satanus

    Alanf did review of the book. You can see it here:


  • skyman

    Wow Merry I am impressed that you are willing to read the book. I hope for your sake you learn something.

    Then post it here so we can all have a laugh.

  • MerryMagdalene

    Oh, COOL, Satanus...thanks for the link!!! You may have just saved me a whole lotta headache...and if it's from AlanF it's gotta be good, yes?!? I'll check it out right after supper.


  • Satanus

    Welcome. Anything to save a lady a headache.


  • IP_SEC

    Ho man I remember when we got that book. They were only letting elders, pios, servants, and people who had been in the troof XX # of years have it.

    I got it and tried to absorb it as I did with all the releases. Never finished it.

    Remember when it was the source material for instruction talks? Gawd those were the most boring #1s ever, both to give and to listen to.

    Merry, you are a bigger human than me if you can keep your promise and make it through.

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