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  • David2002


    In my opinion, those pages of the Proclaimers book are lucid and to the point, and the Bible texts listed are sufficient and clearly explain their biblical views.

    True the book of Isaiah mentions that the nation of Israel were Jehovah's Witnesses. But Jesus was born a Jew and therefore, a Jehovah's Witness. Christians, as followers of Jesus, are not only Witnesses of Jesus, but also Witnesses of Jehovah. But since Christians imitate Jesus in preaching the truth of God, they call themselves Jehovah's Witnesses. (compare Acts 1:8; John 12:44-50; John 14:24; John 18:37; Rev. 1:1-2; Rev. 3:14) The book of Acts you cited allude to God several times. Acts 3:15 says that God raised Jesus from the dead, and the apostles were witnesses to that fact; Acts 10:39 talks about being the apostles being witnesses of Jesus hanging, but verse 40 goes on to say God raised up on the third day; verse 41 specifically says the witnesses were "appointed beforehand by God"; the same can be said of most of the texts you cited in Acts. The context clearly shows that Christians were witnessing about both God and Christ. Heb 12:1 is a continuation of Hebrews chapter 11 which describes the active faith of the pre-Christian Witnesses. Read the context. Notice that Abel was included in the apostle Paul historical account of faithful Witnesses in Hebrews chapter 11. It is so clear that from reading that context the even Non-Witness commentors agree. "The cloud of witnesses refers to the people of faith mentioned in ch. 11. They are not actually spectators watching us; they are witnesses testifying to the truth of the faith (11:2, 4-6)." (Nelson's Compact Series - Compact Bible Commentary, p. 902)

    Are Witnesses really the oppressor? Or are they protecting or defending themselves against the oppressors? (2 John 8-11) Whether or not one may agree with all the viewpoints of the Witnesses, it cannot be denied that the Witnesses fight for religious freedom have benefited others. But that freedom also included their right to apply what they understand the Bible texts such as 2 John 8-11, 1 Cor. 5:9-13 , and others say. I know for a fact that Witness elders will do all they can do to help one adjust his or her thinking before expelling them from the congregation (which is used as a last resort). But if it is believed that some are slandering the congregation, then steps must be taken to protect it. If one truly repents, he or she is joyfully accepted back to the congregation, just like recovered lamb brings more joy to heaven than the ones that were never lost.

  • JackC


    Are you going to repent and confess to the elders for the secret sin of associating with 'apostates' and the df'ed. Until you do this are you not unclean before Jehovah? How can any of your points be vaild if you clearly do not follow all the direction of the Society? This is all or nothing, I am sure your elders would clearly warn you of the dangers we all present and what a dangerous place this is for the faithful, lest you be misled.


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    Hi JackC, welcome to the forum!

  • David2002


    I am under the assumption that many people on this BB are still associated with Jehovah's Witnesses. Otherwise, why call it a JW board? True, some may have doubts, but as the letter of Jude says in verses 22 & 23 we must "have mercy on some who doubt; save others by snatching from fire."

    - David

  • AuldSoul


    You may be misinformed. We discuss Jehovah's Witnesses, and Jehovah's Witnesses are certainly welcome any time, but the majority of the forum are not JWs.


  • AlmostAtheist

    >> Whether or not one may agree with all the viewpoints of the Witnesses, it
    >> cannot be denied that the Witnesses fight for religious freedom have
    >> benefited others.

    Hi David,

    It's nice to see you posting! :-)

    Their claims about their "fight for religious freedom" seem a little disengenuous when you recognize how completely they fight to CURTAIL freedom. For instance, JW's do not have the freedom to come on this board, even just to read. If they do, they would not be allowed to be elders or pioneers. JW's certainly don't have the freedom to say, "I don't agree with this doctrine" even if they truly don't. They aren't even allowed to BELIEVE differently than the Society publishes, whether they speak it out loud or not. Believing or teaching something other than what the Watchtower currently teaches is a disfellowshipping offense.

    And this extends outside the congregation as well. There is a well-known web site that lists quotes from various Watchtower publications. Not complete works, just quotes, offered in context. The site is available at

    The Watchtower is currently waging a lawsuit against this web site's private owner in an attempt to get this site pulled down. They are fighting to have their own words made less available. Think about that. Does that sound like religious freedom?

    Someone once said, "No man is free, until all men are free". Does the Watchtower fight for "freedom", or simply their own interests?


  • DavidChristopher


    Is that true about them suing to shut the owner of this down? Are you kidding me? I really had no idea they could or would go that far! I wish I could talk to the owner of this site, and tell him to "rock!" on. I would be honored to defend him in court, on second thought, I would rather see him defend himself and win. That would be justice. I got banned quick twice with no warning, and no reasonable explanation from I am still barred, I can't even get a return email from the administrators! If you are ever out there, tell them I am still alive, and doing fine, thanks for asking. You guys welcomed me here like nowhere else I have been! I cannot come up with a word to describe what that means to me.

  • ozziepost


    Goodness, you're gonna wade thru' that biased tome! You have our admiration and wonder!

    OK, are you ready to publish Part II ?

    Cheers, Ozzie (freedom od speech class)

  • ozziepost

    G'day David,

    The actions of those who control the (lies deleted) Association of JWs show they're afraid of the real truth. If those who they move against weren't speaking the truth, why would "Jehovah's earthly Organisation" have anything to fear? What has God, the almighty, to fear?

  • DavidChristopher

    Nice to meet you ozzie! answer is........ "Not a damned THING".

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