Is Christmas for fun?

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  • lonelysheep


    Merry Christmas LT

  • LittleToe

    Seems some folks still don't get it


    LT--Why don't you tell us how you usually spend Christmas day and what does it signify to you?

    Well, bearing in mind that I was raised a JW, it doesn't really have a lot of meaning to me. I like the idea of an event for kids, and for the same reason I endorse birthdays, but for us adults I mainly see it as a great reason to eat ourselves silly

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    These threads have been a spoof on the JW view of Xmas. Daystar got it pretty quickly, but most everyone else seems to have taken their time - LOL

    LT, of the "still awaiting a mic polishing" class.

  • deeskis

    Just got back with my ten year old singing Christmas Carols at the local Nursing home. it was fun. Christmas in Oz is fun too..........beach, BBQ, a bit of booze!

    still miss Scotland at times, but not that much!!!

    hope your "little toes" are not too cold, Merry Christmas!


  • diamondblue1974

    Christmas Cards off two faced neighbours wishing you all the best when in reality they hate you for cutting down a tree (which was dangerous) but gave them privacy!

    Relatives round that you dont see all year (and neither would you want to)

    Cliff Richard singing Mistletoe and Wine and wittering on about bollocks he doesnt mean but wrote just to make an extra few quid!

    Pine Needles which get stuck in your feet even when you have vacuumed 50 times.

    Dad who always gets leathered on Christmas Day, tells everyone he loves em and then falls asleep snoring during the queens speech or worse while hes still in the pub!

    Gran who always buys you a woolly jumper for Christmas even though you explicitly ask for books and CD vouchers!

    Feeling nausious everytime you hear the lyrics 'oh I wish it could be Christmas everyday!'

    Feeling even more bloody nausious everytime you hear the lyrics 'Oh I wish I was at home for Christmas'!

    Yeah Christmas is for fun....MERRY BLOODY CHRISTMAS !!

    Only Joking....I actually love Christmas

  • serendipity

    LT, hon, what would have been more satisfying replies? Quit the spoofin' already? Retort with a spoof of our own? (Is Kwanzaa for Caucasians? Is online banking for Christians? What's the Bible's viewpoint on kilts?).


    Should Christians wear kilts and if they do, what is appropriate to wear underneath, if anything? Is is appropriate to wear kilts to KH's? Does the hem have to touch the top of the knees or can you risk hemming it up a little higher? (I would only go for the higher hemming if the legs warranted it!!!) I have never been to Scotland, so these are legit questions!!! Try to remember that we Americans don't have any idea what you guys are talking about sometimes...I know it's all English...just some of the words throw us off.

    I don't remember anyone polishing mikes in our hall, but then again, I could have missed that a common practice in your neck of the woods? I do remember thinking often that I would like to take a mike and hit the guy over the head with it!!! They could be annoying, not ever knowing how to even turn the thing on, and never knowing anyone the speaker was calling on. Wished they had just given the mike duty over to the sisters...they were so much more on the ball, if you know what I mean.


  • Stealth

    Is Christmas for fun?


    Since it was the christians who rippped off this holiday from the heathens who established it as a time for fun, I think to be true to this holiday it is all about having fun.

    If the christians want to turn this into just the opposite of what it was intended they should get a new day since Jesus wasn't born on December 25 anyway. They can then focus on all their pious stuff on that day and let December 25 go back to it's true meaning...... having fun!

  • Pole

    ::Would any true hedonist today want to drink such a mixed cup (potentially of poor-grade wine)?

    You mean a true hedonist? As opposed to a "nominal" one? What a tough question. Let me think. Hmmm... OK, I know... You're right. A true self respecting hedonist would never induldge in celebrating Christmas. The moment I'd see one buying a Christmas tree, I swear, I'd shout it straight in his/her face: "You miserable f-ing hypocrite of a hedonist!" Ain't that right?


  • Narkissos

    Hey Pole,

    Nice to "see" you!

  • Pole

    Bon soir, mon ami!


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