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  • serendipity

    I'm getting ready to embark on a journey. A journey into the world of online dating. One of the criteria has me thinking - age. I'm open to dating a man a few years younger than me (late 30's). But since Demi was able to snag Ashton, and since in recent months I've had two guys in their late 20's openly flirting with me, I thought I might go a bit younger. What's a reasonable or workable age difference? I think life experience and maturity would come into play here. What other things should I consider other than chronological age? Do any of you ladies have experiences that you'd like to share. Thanks in advance. edited to add: I don't want to leave the men out. What do you guys find attractive in older women?

  • misanthropic

    I am married to a guy younger than I am. I am 30 and he is in his 20's... I have dated alot of guys older than me, some as many as 20+ years older than I am. I think it doesn't matter what age a person is as long as you are compatable with one another. Don't set any age limits (other than legal age) keep an open mind and you never know.

  • skyman

    Old enough to go to the baker, old enough to get bread. That is as long as he is 18 yrs old

  • FlyingHighNow

    Andy is 32. I am 47. We have been friends and then a couple for almost six years. He is the one who suggested we could be more than friends. Before that I would not have considered dating someone so much younger. Even now, I am not going to go looking for men that much younger than me if Andy and I do not end up working out. He and I are very compatible. If we weren't, it wouldn't work at all, on any level.

  • LDH

    Ask that hottie Kurt (why can't I remember his last name???) that used to quarterback for St. Louis Rams.

    Oh Yeah !!! Warner!!!

    He was a third string quarterback, bagging groceries for a living while playing arena football (worse than XFL LOL) and this hottie about ten years older came through is line. He fell for her, hard. She kept telling him he didn't want none of that--she was divorced with three kids and one of them was blind.

    He wasn't hearing it, he married her. Next thing you know he is first string quarterback due to some injuries, and that is the year he took the Rams to the Superbowl, and they won!!! I loved seeing her up in the stands, next to all those other cookie cutter blonds <aka NFL wives> with her short black spiked grey hair.

    Yes, it can work.

    I wish you luck.


  • serendipity
  • Sunnygal41

    LDH <aka Lisa> That was a righteous post.........truly righteous. I get the impression that you are in that age frame when we women feel the most powerful and we don't put up with any more ---- from anyone in life? I LOVE seeing silver hair on a woman!!! I am a proud possessor of many silver hairs..............re the younger man part.........well, let me just say that I fell hard at 42 for a 34 year old man..........it was the most sexually fulfilling relationship I've had yet.


  • katiekitten

    My partner is 6 years younger than me. I know thats not major league younger, but it works for me. I find men my age or older a bit staid and boring.

    My young man is exciting and fun. He took a bit of training up though - when I first went out with him he didnt know how to cook at all, or how to use a washing machine, his mum still did his ironing and he was useless at DIY.

    But now hes fab and hes still fun.

    Go for as young as you can manage without secretly despising him. I find its kind of self limiting because once you are past your 20s very young people can be a bit of a pain with their impossible ideals and unrealistic views based on a total lack of facts (of course not all young people are like this)

    Good luck!

  • stopthepain

    I have been seeing a woman who's 35 for about 6 months.I am 24.She's mature,good looking,we have common interests ,she has her own place,so do I,we both have seperate lives ,but when where together,we have a great time.The age difference is odd for some people to understand,but as long as we are both having a good time,what do I care.It isn't as taboo as it used to be I think.Good luck.STP

  • PoppyR

    think first you need to ask yourself what you want. Personally I'm an older man kind of gal.. I am 36 and have always preferred men who are late 30's at the very youngest! even when I was 18. But my very best friend is 41 and I've never known her date a guy older than 28. But the last one she fell really hard for, but it went wrong when he said he wanted a family and hers is completed. Ended in tears. (hers) I personally think you're as old as you feel (or in your case, as old as the man you feel). However you might find a very young guy (ie25 or less) a bit uninteresting, unstimulating and possibly overexpecting. But dont get hung up on a number, if you have some lovely guys getting in touch and you like what you hear, then go for it. And also dont be put off by horror stories on internet dating. I have met some LOVELY people I've spoken to online and not yet had a bad experience, just use your head and good luck!! And come back and tell us all the gossip!!

    Poppy xx

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