Picture Change in the Live Forever Book

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  • purplesofa

    hey James Thomas........

    I see you altered your picture as well.!!!!


  • Cellist

    A bit of a side note. The woman in the bathrobe who was then was not, they lifted her from a magazine ad. I used to have it, but I think I threw it out.


  • Emma

    Oh, yes; i remember the switch.

  • prophecor

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    Let's get honest here people. One look at this hottie and we all know whoever was looking had only one thing in mind. Speaks volumes regarding whoever drew the picture, what was on thier mind. I don't think the Pollitburro was able to handle such vivacious and almost lustful energy.

    Hell........She's Hottttt!!!!!

  • JamesThomas

    Big Dog:

    you do have a sense of humor

    Ya, sometimes. It made me laugh each of the four times I read through the thread, which is one of the perks of a memory like mine. My dad got a kick out of me too and laughed at the goofy way I'd bounce off the wall after he hit me. Actually I'm kidding, dad never would hit me that hard. It was momma.


    I see you altered your picture as well

    Hey gal, how you doing? Little Toe's hat is more cool and funky, mine is more for a formal dinner or funeral or something. Actually the original picture was altered already. Had to put the right eye where it normally should be found and reduce the nose so people could see there was face behind it.

    This should be good for a laugh or two more as I reread the thread.


  • JamesThomas


  • Oroborus21

    If you are an idiot it is a ram's head in profile. If you are normal its a box of tissues. -Eduardo Leaton Jr., Esq.

  • Scully

    I always thought it was sexist because it implied that the wife was the one who should seek her husband's pleasure, but not necessarily the other way around.

    And yeah, I remember the change in the pics. I don't have my original Live Forever book, but I never updated it when the new edition came out like we were supposed to.

  • ozziepost

    Lisa, I sure preferred the 'before' pic best!!!

  • Motema Bolingo
    Motema Bolingo

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    Texts in French, but pictures speak by themselves


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