Picture Change in the Live Forever Book

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  • LDH

    Does anyone remember when the picture of the married couple was changed in the Live Forever book?

    It was the chapter on Marriage, and there was this one picture of a hottie basically posing in a provocative picture on the bed, hair askew, beckoning her husband to join her. She was going to Render Her Due. TM

    The next edition which immediately followed, this pic was totally removed, in favor of something more 'tasteful.'

    Of course, I remember when we did the Daily Text there was this one scripture on "Rendering the husband his due". My dad kept asking us kids if he knew what it meant, of course none of us did. So he explained it to us.


    I'd like to Render Rutherford his Doo-Doo Class

  • minimus

    Lisa, I don't recall that. Can you post the before and after pics?

  • LDH

    Minimus, I would love to but I don't have any of that Krap!

    Maybe someone could help us out?

  • JH

    I have the book

    but don't know what picture you mean

  • avishai

    I remember, yeah, i noticed it, she was hot!

  • JH

    not this

  • JH

    I opened the book in the family chapter...and could only find these pictures

  • greendawn

    For a puritanical victorian society it's surprising that they put in such a provocative picture, but when the super puritan, super dictator Franz saw it no doubt he got his knickers in a knot and asked for it to be removed.

  • sir82

    I don't have the book here, but I do remember this.

    It is the 2nd picture in JH's 2nd post. What he posted is the "after change" picture.

    In the earlier version, the woman is in the same pose, but she is wearing a bathrobe, puritanically closed up about us high as a turtleneck. No leg showing either, as I recall.

    But apparently, just the sight of a woman in a bathrobe was deemed "immodest", hence the change.

  • GetBusyLiving

    I'd like to "render" some of that shit.. hot!


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