Post something wierd......anything!

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  • dorayakii


    (warning: extensive use of expletives, so don't press "play" if you're at work)

  • AlmostAtheist

    The phone rang, Gina answered it. "Sure, here he is," she said, handing me the phone, "It's your aunt Linda."

    "Hey Aunt Linda," I said cheerily. (This is my favorite aunt)

    "Hi, David, how are you?" (Hmmm... she sounds a little odd...)

    "Good, how are you?"

    "Oh fine, fine. Look, I wanted to give you a call and let you know about your cousin Jeremy. He's been in an accident."

    "Oh no, that's awful," I said. But what I was thinking was, "I have a cousin Jeremy?"

    After a little more of this, we both came to understand that this was actually a wrong number.

    What are the odds?


  • rebel8

    This picture belongs in WT literature:


    See if you notice any similarity:

  • under74

    I attended my cousin's funeral last week. His body was found last month in Mexico--that's all I really know. He was 2 years older than me and not familiar with the JWs that much. Anyway, he told his Catholic mom some time before his death that if he ever died before her he wanted a Wiccan burial.

    You know, I'm not religious and not into that Wiccan stuff....but I don't think my cousin was either. BUT judging from how my JW (the couple that attended) and right-wing militia type relatives dealt with the funeral (they were really angry it wasn't a JW or plain christain thing)...I'd say he got the last laugh. It was weird, but it was good.

    I told my sisters and my mom if I die before them, I want all my redneck relatives invited to my stonch muslim burial...even if I'm not muslim.

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia


    I actually have eaten worms and some other bugs too in a survivalist class I took....not the worst thing I have ever eaten but I don't know that I would survive long in the wilderness if there were only bugs to eat!


  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia


    I love those lego creations! I can't wait to take my boys to Legoland!

    Can you imagine having the time to do those?


  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia

    Oy Vey Minimus...what is the Jewish way of business?

  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia


    You like me....You really really like me!!! (Sally Fields accepting her oscar)!

    I like you too! I think you're wicked cool.....(thats a new englander saying)!


  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia


    Don't feel too bad a mouse died and went to mouse heaven in my husbands carbeurator for his was oddly facinating to see its little tiny skeleton in there.

    We also found bird skeletons in the wall of our house.....I guess their mommy didn't come back for them. Very sad.

    I'm sorry about your ski boots.


  • Why Georgia
    Why Georgia


    You gonna eat your tots?

    Chrystal Dynamite!

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