no more Pin machine in assembly hall

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  • LDH
    Maybe they prefer to receive cash payments for some reason...

    Hmmmm, ya think?

    I find it odd that with the JW obsession with publishing "numbers" and "percentages" there are never figures published that show how much they receive in cash and in-kind donations. The monthly "Accounting Report" at local halls don't count.


    Make that check out to "Cash" Class

  • Van Gogh
    Van Gogh

    Just for the record: I have heard this particular circuit assembly hall - which has the ambiance of a public swimming pool anyway - being refered to as the "kringatorium". (For all the English-speakers: circuit means "kring" in Dutch - so combine this with the all-pervasive austerity and color scheme reminiscent of a giant crematorium and presto) Theo

  • hideme

    Hi Dannybloem

    I know the reason, our PO told me

    Bethel Netherlands never asked permission from Brooklyn to place those PIN-machine.

    That's the real reason.

    But what did they say on the last special assembly: "From the beginning we all knew this was only temporary".

    THIS IS A LIE!!! They never told us it was only temprary. And it wasn't.

    But Brooklyn told them to remove them.

  • DannyBloem

    Thanks Hideme,

    That surrely makes sense.
    Here it would be quite normal to have a ATM machine (well it isn't a actual ATM machine, see Abbadon's post).
    But at the comments of our american posters, this wouls be shoking to some.
    So I think N.Y. bethel must havebeen shocked to hear a brother slip something about the ATM machine in the circuit hall. Funny.

    That's why it also make sense that they did very secret about my. I asked, but no one wanted or could tell me.


  • Gretchen956

    Ah, see, its all about control! You euros were getting uppidy! lol


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