no more Pin machine in assembly hall

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  • DannyBloem

    First let me say Hi to you all again.
    Have been away for some time as the new internet polecy in the company I work for, suddenly did not allow people to use the JWD site anymore. (there is a filter to the sites that are allowed and not. Do not know why JWD was suddenly on the list of blocked sites, probably I did use it too much....)

    Anyway we always had a pin-machine in the dutch hall in Swifterband (a machine that allows contributions direct from your bank card).

    It was very easy and successfull. (lot of people spend more, when they do not see the money).
    before our circuit assembly we got a letter that this machine was remove. No explanation (as usually).

    Does anybody know the real reason?

    Danny B.

  • blondie

    Maybe it wasn't used enough to justify the leasing fees the financial institution that owned it charged.

  • The Chuckler
    The Chuckler

    Perhaps the machine was leased or on a service contract and they were only getting a percentage of the money going in the slot.

    You don't get that problem with a contribution box.

  • DannyBloem

    Those machines are pretty standard here.

    There are some costs, of course but the costs are not that big. You pay a few cents for every transaction. You pay also a bit for the machine. But almost all shops have it, even market vendors.

    Every weekend the hall is full with withneses, happy to donate...
    Indeed the contribution boxes are cheaper, but I think people will donate less.

  • Ozner

    The bankcardacceptpoint was removed because there was much internal opposition against it.

    Many witnesses showed their distance from this "service".

    You did not, I presume.

  • mkr32208

    It would be a TERRIBLE pr nightmare here in the states I can tell you that! Thats one of the ways you can tell babylon the great the actually have ATM machines in the lobbies of their churches!

  • Leolaia

    Kingdom Halls have ATM machines in them??

    Gosh that's a new one on me, must've been a '90s trend. I would have been appalled if my KH got one, I would have thought immediately of Jesus rampaging in the Temple courts...."You have turned this house of God into a den of robbers..."

  • GentlyFeral


    Thats one of the ways you can tell babylon the great the actually have ATM machines in the lobbies of their churches!

    You are just a-funnin' us, right? I've been church-hopping for five of the last ten years and have never seen an ATM machine in a church. But then I haven't been to any of the mega-churches; I don't think we have any of them around here.


  • Abaddon

    Hi Danny!! I was thinking about you. Life okay?

    Just to explain, in the Netherlands we have bank cards that allow us to use ATM's and also what are variously called CHIP & PIN machines. CHIP and PIN are forms of EFT (electronic fund transfer). not cash dispensers.

    When the transaction has been rung up on the till, instead of paying in cash, you swipe your card, enter a PIN just like at the ATM, check the amount on the little screen, and press Okay. The money goes straight from your bank to the retailers. This is PIN, we've had it for years and were MOST amused when the UK copied the system this year and acted like it was space-age technology.

    Alternately you can put electronic cash ON your card in an electronic wallet by using a machine in your bank, stick your card in the machine, enter a PIN, and have the electric cash moved from the electronic wallet to the retailers account. This is CHIP, and again, we've had it for years here.

    I don't know why they would have got rid of them. With large amounts of cash electronic transactions are cheaper and remove the risk of theft. CHIP is used for ticket machines in car parks to stop the machine needing emptying of cash. I'd say probably 50-75% of all transactions over €20 are done via PIN and maybe 5% of small transactions by CHIP.

    As Euro notes look they were designed by a committee, having a increasingly cashless system is fine by me.

  • funkyderek

    Maybe they prefer to receive cash payments for some reason...

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