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  • 1VTHokie

    Let's see ....

    If I were a Watchtower spy, I would probably want to discredit anything Barbera Anderson said or did because she left the Watchtower with a lot of their secrets. She's a very powerful apostate.

    Makes sense to me.....


  • greendawn

    Hi Dansk, you obviously don't worry about what they have to say since you have your photo as your avatar. Nor do I since I gave in a letter of disassoc long ago. Some however are trapped by having family members in the borg that they don't want to lose.

    BTW I hope your therapy is going well.

  • dedpoet

    there probably are wt spies lurking on here, 24 hours a day, but so what? Maybe if they lurk long enough, they might learn something a lot more useful than the crap they are fed at their 5 weekly meetings. Let en lurk, the more the merrier.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    I knew of one bethelite who had the assignment of looking at the web all day for "news" about JWs. This guy was totally assimilated!

  • Dansk

    Hi Greendawn:

    Hi Dansk, you obviously don't worry about what they have to say since you have your photo as your avatar. Nor do I since I gave in a letter of disassoc long ago. Some however are trapped by having family members in the borg that they don't want to lose.

    Yes, I fully understand those that need to f-a-d-e s-l-o-w-l-y because of the emotional blackmail thrust upon them by Watchtower, which, in itself, is obviously totally unchristian and proves yet again what a heinous cult it is. My reason for being so open is to encourage others that it can be done. The first two weeks were the hardest, rather like I was in mourning (I'd been a baptised JW for 15 years). I still have friends who exited years ago but are still looking over their shoulders all the time. I really feel for them because they can't make that final cut and, whilst they are like that, they are still being manipulated in some way. I made the decision to break free entirely and, therefore, have never had to live in such fear. I have never been DF'd or DA'd but everyone in my old cong knows I won't be going back. I looked at the PO and his wife put two fingers up to the pair of them. I told another elder that the GB was all baloney. STILL, I didn't get DF'd I've spoken about this with an ex-elder who posts here and he feels the cong is more afraid of me than I am of them Now, I just get on with my life. Thinking about Watchtower too often justs robs us of moments in which we could be doing better things. I obviously come here every day because this is where genuine people are to be found and they really know what it feels like. This place is actually getting better and it's good to see so many new ones posting. The Bethelite who used to come here and read the posts actually pmd me and told me that he, too, knew it was all baloney in the Tower and that he was just waiting for his moment to escape. There are more and more feeling that way. Watchtower has had its day and they need to spy here because they are worried - GENUINELY WORRIED! I'm interested in a collective lawsuit against the Tower for the injury it has caused. Together we WILL bring the Tower down and no amount of spying will prevent that. Here again, as I've already stated, the Tower advises its members not to come to sites such as this, brandishing them as apostate, but is actually hypocritical in that it comes here itself! What a bunch of bandits! Oh, by the way, we've even got a Christmas tree holding centre stage in our front window with a statue of Santa Claus outsifde the front door. My younger daughter, who is still a JW, is back living at home and her JW friends can't avoid seeing the Christmas tree and Santa Claus when they come this way - but we're still here and no-one bothers us. Watchtower is doomed and I believe I'll see it in my lifetime!

    BTW I hope your therapy is going well.

    Kind of you to say so! Yes, it's going fine, but I hate having the chemo!! It's toxic and I get fed up of all the needles going in and out. Still, I'm alive and have seen things I never expected to just a few months back. Watchtower even caused my illness, no doubt about it! I was under so much stress from that heinous cult that it brought my immune system low. However, now that I'm as happy as Larry I feel my immune system is getting stronger so I intend to eradicate the cancer. I have a lot help here from everyone who participates in the weekly vigils and says daily prayers for me. Do you know that even after 19 years associating with Watchtower not one JW came round to ask how I was, nor did they telephone nor did they ask Claire. They did nothing! Yet, I've had TONS of good wishes, cards and presents from the "apostates" here. So, for any of you spies reading this, tell me who is more Christian? Do the spies honestly feel God is blessing what they do when it is contrary to the love Christianity is all about?! Christianity is about deeds and not just words. Watchtower is full of empty words and promises and has told abundant lies all the way up to heaven over the decades. I know where I'd rather be. RIGHT HERE!! Ian

  • stillconcerned

    Yes, they care enuf to bother.,,,

    Take my word for it.

    Kimberlee D.

  • stillconcerned


    kimberlee d.

  • doofdaddy

    Yeah, happy birthday

  • wednesday

    If a wt spy truly wanted to find out what the latest ant-jws stuff was, they would become one of the x-jws and get to know people and then others woud trust them. There is only so much you can learn by lurking.I also would imagine, with the wt view of women, they would be looking for posters who are men, esp men who have been on the inside at bethel, or held any titles.

    I am pretty sure I know a "plant" in the jws. I was suspicious of this person and still am. I guess one non-believer knows another.


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