Out of the Mouth of Babes...

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  • just fine
    just fine

    I can certainly relate. I traveled to a convention in Canada once with a girl who was homeschooled. As we were approaching the guard station where we cross she said " we dont have to do this when we go to any other state, why do we have to do it here?" I informed her Canada was another COUNTRY and she wanted to argue that Canada was part of the US. Hello?

  • TopHat

    OK, Now you got me to thinking, Jesus obviously could read...He was only a poor carpenters son, so where did he get his education?

  • DevonMcBride

    Sadly, in my area the JW's that have resorted to stealing, drugs and other crimes were the uneducated ones.

  • hillbilly

    Well...I bet some of these dumb kids are victims of poor parental decisions... based on misrepresented secular sources................

    I is a dum-azz buts I can hire a law-er....................


  • bigmouth

    gets to where it says "tribalism", and actually ....

    I thought you were going to say she said 'tribadism',like when you get organism and orgasm mixed up!

  • Effervescent

    OK, Now you got me to thinking, Jesus obviously could read...He was only a poor carpenters son, so where did he get his education?

    Yeah.... I've thought about this too.

    Jesus persued education in his trade until he was what? 30? No mention of him preaching (except the childhood Temple incident) until after his baptism. Until then he was presumably learning to be a carpenter.

    So tell me again why education is bad?

  • katiekitten

    I know a couple of kids that were homeschooled in the UK. It was a seen as a fast track to being seen as super spiritual. It had nothing to do with spiritual - it was kids who were either very low ability or very low social skills. Rather leave them in the place where they might learn these skills it easier not to face the problem, right? Cos you ARE gonna be able to look after these children for the REST OF THEIR LIVES, right?

    I know one family did get sick of having a big stupid 30 going on 40 year old still living in their house. It seemed like they were stuck with him.

    As a teacher I think its an awful idea. There is no way any one family can provide the entire curriculum of subjects taught by qualified professionals. The only way its done successfully is where a group of home schoolers get together and each family takes responsibility for hiring and paying a teacher in one subject for the group. I dont think Witlesses would do this - after all it costs a lot. I charge £20 an hour.

    I actually tutor a homeschooled kid, but hes not a Witless. I still think its a bad idea though. Hes only getting maths off me, and hes left at home on his own the rest of the time. All he does is watches TV. The poor boy is a social outcast waiting to happen.

  • PoppyR
    I don't believe this exist in Europe but don't quote me on that.

    Ooops.. sorry already quoted you! But yes it does, at least in the UK, it was at one point considered to be the really spiritual people that did it, and funnily enough I'm sure those kids had a MUCH higher incidence of going off the rails as soon as they did have any kind of association with the world. I have a very good friend who was home schooled and says it was the worst thing that could have happened and left him totally unprepared for life when he had to get a job and support his family. Yes school is tough, but so is life, and I think school teaches kids all sorts of valuable lessons and surprisingly kids that are well adjusted and loved at home can deal with most of them pretty well. My boys have just finished for the Christmas holidays and for the first time ever stayed at school right up to the last day (previously I would self righteously keep them off because of all the christmas activities) but they had a fab time and even though they still believe the dubs, they really enjoyed the party food etc!!!

    Poppy x

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