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  • RichieRich

    So this week on the service meeting there was a part in the KM about Divine Education. True to form, it was another anti-college, pro-pioneering propaganda piece put out by our buddies in Brooklyn.

    In the third paragraph, it babbled forth about how colleges and universities don't teach people to overcome racism, tribalism, and something else.

    (someone please post scan on Dec. 2005 KM front page)

    Now there is a trend in my congrgation and surrounding congregations that families with kids who have ANY trouble in school immediately get taken out and placed in homeschool. I say trend because I can name at least 20 kids (almost all of whom are girls) who have been thrown into homeschool.

    And apparently, "Homeschool" is a Dub Buzzword for "pioneer". Even though these kids were yanked from school for having a boyfriend, or underage drinking, they all appeared on the pioneer list or been regular auxillarying since they started "homeschool".

    There is some contention between the "Homeschooled" and the "Real Schooled" because the "homeschooled" aren't blessed with the chance to meet real face to face persecution like the "real schooled". So the "real schoolers" get to enjoy worldly friends, and pep rallies while the "homsechoolers" keep their noses aloft with hundreds of Field Service hours on their publisher cards.

    In my congregation, there one particular family which has 2 teenage daughters. The father is a prominent elder, and "enjoys" many privileges within the cong. One of these daughters is about 19 and has slipped off to a local tech school to train to be an Xray Tech. Sadly, 4 years in homeschool left her hard up for book smarts and her 2 years of college study is fast becoming 4. She almost failed her english class because she used the Watchtower and Awake as the main reference material for a major paper. Funny, but not the point here.

    The second daughter, who just turned 17, had to be taken about of school 3 weeks into her Freshman year because a boy she was interested in called her house.

    Back to the story.

    We are going over this horrible part about how great Jah is, blah, blah, blah, and the younger daughter raises her hand to comment.

    She begins to expound on the paragraph mentioned above, and then gets to where it says "tribalism", and actually says, into the microphone, "I don't even know what that word is" and goes on with her comment.

    I immediately lean over to my mother, and whisper " That's your divine education right there". My mother started suppressing laughter and I have a good feeling that similar sentiments were traveling around the hall.

    After the meeting, all the college educated ones began to whisper about how homeschool wasn't doing those kids any good.

    I know this has been a lengthy topic, but I think it merits attention. The dubs are only hurting themselves with these anti college policies.


  • misspeaches

    I agree! Its extremely uncommon here in Australia but I have a JW friend in LA and she was home schooled. Lets say shes not so good in the smarts department.... Even common sense stuff. She just doesn't get it. And she has extremely poor social skills as well. I know this sounds harsh but I believe it is because she didn't recieve a decent education.

    I know of some twins being homeschooled here and it worries me. They were baptized at age 11 only 6 months ago. They only know JWs. Nothing else... what sort of adults are they going to grow up to be?

  • carla

    That is just sad. Thanks for sharing, I always look forward to hearing from you. Especially because I have kids close to your age. No worry, they will never be dubs! But they do like hearing stories from you!

  • Effervescent

    It's telling about what the next generation of JW's is going to be like. So many children that have had no social exposure and have had their heads filled with fear about the "world" are going to grow up and make the JW's into a creepy, reclusive, socially disfunctional group. Even more so than they are now. This is the future of the Witnesses.... sad. It's almost like social inbreeding.

  • Buster

    I've said it before, "Homeschooling" is the answer to the question, "How do I raise a blithering idiot?"

    Homeschooling, parents fall into one of two catregories: 1. So self-centered that they think the only valid point of view that their children can benefit from is their own. 2. Have so little faith in the viability of their offspring that the parents doubt that their darlings can make it.

    It is unfortunate that morons are the ones that think they can teach their children all things. Tough time in history to be the child of a moron.

    Yeah, yeah, some out there homeschooled their kids and their kids didn't turn out to be blithering idiots. Fortunately, it doesn't work every time. Sometimes the kids have enough mettle to make something of themselves even though they went through homeschooling.

    But other than that, homeschooling is OK, I guess.

  • RichieRich

    blithering idiots... so true.

    I wish I could share with them what I know..

  • Scully

    Every JW I have ever known who decided to homeschool their kids, did so with the intent of Protecting The Children From Satan's Influence™ (aka: isolation from non-JW peers). It had nothing to do with wanting to provide the children with a better education or higher quality learning experiences. The parents were terrified of the children hearing Christmas music, or seeing a classroom decorated for Halloween, or getting invited to birthday parties and sleep overs at non-JW kids' homes.

    Isn't it strange how people who claim to have The Truth That Surpasses All Knowledge™ have such little confidence in their children's ability to defend and cling to that so-called Truth™?

    It must suck @$$ to be a JW kid these days. It sure sucked the big one when I was a JW kid.

  • stillajwexelder

    sadly here in the Midwest - homeschooling is very popular with the dubs

  • Buster

    Well, (with a sigh) someone has to wash the windows, clean the restaurants, and trimline the cars. It won't be my son, though.

  • LittleToe

    If it weren't so sad it'd be hilarious. Thanks for posting this Richie.

    I was fortunate enough to be too old to be involved in the home-school fever, but all of my siblings were affected. I've seen the detrimental effects first-hand, in my family.

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