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  • luna2

    I knew of one high-school age dub that was allowed to remove herself from school to, supposedly, be home-schooled by her mother. She got picked on a few times at real school, didn't like it and didn't want to cope with it, so she ran away from the situation. No idea if she ever graduated or got her GED.

    I thought it was sad that her folks allowed her to hide at home instead of dealing with what was going on. What kind of a learning experience is that? When adversity rears its head, run away? Doesn't seem like a good life lesson to me.

    I also thought being home with her severely depressed mother all the time wasn't necessarily a good thing either.

  • RichieRich
    She got picked on a few times at real school

    This is a very common thing. They don't like a teacher, or some kid doesn't like them, and instead of facing the facts, they just leave.

    Excellent lesson to learn for real life!!!

    Good thing they can't go to college I guess, it'd just be a waste of money.

  • stopthepain

    Did anyone see the South Park on homeschooling.It was hilarious.It reminded me of the dubs.

  • kittyeatzjdubs

    in the hall that i attended growing up, there was a family that was EXTREMEMELY isolated from the outside world. the only friends they had were the ''friends''. and they homeschooled their kids from kindergarten to 12th grade. the oldest daughter was really smart bookwise, so she ended up w/ a scholarship to the local college....

    needless to say, she wasn't in college for a year before she ended up w/ a normal wordly guy and quit attending meetings. word around the congo was that we was filling her head with things every normal person should know worldly propoganda against jehoover's org...

    the son is still in and well on his way to becoming a little elder

    luv, jojo

  • forsharry

    My brother was homeschooled up unto the point that my father was Df'd, my mother DA'd and they divorced in a supernovic fashion. They tried to pull me out of school as well to homeschool me, but with being in highschool and pretending to be the perfect dubling, I was able to argue my way out of it. But my mother did pull my brother out of elementary school to keep him pure and clean...cause he didn't need to be around all of those bad influences. And boy was she pissed that I managed to convince my father (the spiritual head of the house) to keep me in regular school.

    However, when my brother went back to regular school he almost failed his first quarter/all of his classes. He had to get extracurricular tutoring to bring him up to speed. The only thing he was really good in was math (My father is a math wiz and an awesome tutorer.) So it's a great thing for children...to cripple them in all sorts of academic areas. Yeah Dub!

  • Spectrum

    I think homeschooling is something borne or influenced on JWs ironically from the wider American culture. The need to circle the wagons to protect the blonde blued eyed roses from the 'savages'. It's just culture driven - Americans being Americans. I don't believe this exist in Europe but don't quote me on that.

    Growing up within JWism I had very few social skills, if I had been homeschooled I would have had even less or non.

  • Bryan

    My two step-sisters were taken out of school at 15 and 16 because the influence was just so bad.

    The younger one finally got her degree in nursing in her late 30's, and is now working on her Masters.

    The older one, nearing 50, works deliving meds for a pharmacy in fancy area of town. Today she has absolutely no retirement savings!

    Thank God they didn't get an education when young! They've been able to live such intersting lives.

    Me... My dad let me quite at 17. I passed 11th grade and only had 10 months to graduation.

    Who needs an education when the end is coming before 2000?


    Have You Seen My Mother

  • rebel8

    So much about that story is disturbing. {shakes head}

    Richie what are they using as the basis for the claim that college promotes tribalism? Having a hard time imaging what warped logic they are using to draw the connection. The face painters who go to college sports events???????

  • wanderlustguy

    It's essential for the success of theorg that they keep as many people out of colleges as possible, why? Because college teachs you to THINK and to VERIFY information outside of the constraints given by the org.

    Don't need too much of that crap!

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Of course the Watchtower Bible & Tract Society bears no responsibility at all for the dumbass decisions of their sheep. Clearly, the brothers and sisters who took their children out of public school and then failed to provide the fundamental education they require were going beyond the wise and loving counsel of the WTB&TS to take their children out of public school and not provide the fundamental education they require. Only a fool would say that the WTB&TS was responsible for that, right?

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