It truly was BIG news . . . . . . but not for everyone.

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  • nicolaou

    I've been digesting the news since about 5am and I'll admit to having mixed feelings. I think I need to explain some background and then what I have to say should make more sense. I was 'raised in the Truth' as were my 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Although one brother left the others are still in. My two sisters are in their 30's, married to Elders, pioneering and childless. My teenage brother has just this month left a good career to work for a 'brother' in his paint shop so as to Auxillary Pioneer.

    My Mum. Where do I start? When I first broke the news of my 'inactivity' and doubts to her almost five years ago she was devastated. I've tried to make things as easy for her as possible - never volunteering information but always giving full and honest answers to any questions she would summon the strength to ask. In this way we have discussed the U.N scandal, 587/607, little flock/144,000 and the authority of the Governing Body.

    My cousin. In the context of the 'Big News' this is important and may give my identity away but I am almost beyond caring now. My cousin, at 41, is just a few months older than I am. At 15 he suffered massive kidney failure and has been on dialysis ever since. He has had two transplants which both suffered rejection and has spent months of each year in hospital suffering from various complications including Crohns disease and being kept alive by blood transfusions. His mother (my Aunt) was baptized in the early 80's and when my cousin was about 30 he too was baptised - in the 'full' knowledge that he could no longer have a life-saving blood transfusion!

    I cannot presume to speak for my cousin but after 15 years of suffering perhaps he felt that the promise of perfect health was worth making sacrifices for in this life. I must be honest and say that at the time I was overjoyed to attend his baptism.

    Time passes by and my cousin's condition worsens, however he finds that he does not want to die. I got a call at work from my Aunt - she was crying and desperate, I made the 70 mile journey to my cousin's hospital bed in record time. My cousin was laying there, weak and tearful and stressed. Due to his very low haemoglobin levels he had been advised that without a transfusion of red cells - very soon - he would die. He felt he had to make the choice between living or losing his JW relatives!

    I told him that however anyone else might treat him, I would not shun or abandon him. I explained that I would consent to a transfusion for myself and my children if they needed it and that life was more precious than any fluid. I encouraged him to have the transfusion and he did. If he was worried about his relationship with God he didn't say so - I thought that said a lot.

    So to the recent 'Big News'.

    When I read about the outright deception in the Blood Brochure you can imagine how I felt! If there had been an HLC member or Elder within eyeshot I'd have force fed him his own testicles. I am happy that the Society will be facing legal action - whatever form that may take. I am happy that we have ammunition with which to exploit this weakness that has opened up. I will be glad to assist the combined effort that must surely now mobilise itself and make itself organised.

    However. Attacking the Society - even successfully will not bring my Mother back to me. My sisters and younger brother will still not choose to call or associate with me and will only continue down the road of becoming strangers. I hate the Society and want to make them suffer but that will only entrench the views of those I care about - that I am a bitter apostate.

    Attacking the Society is worth doing. All the negative publicity will undoubtedly motivate some to make a closer examination of their faith. Some WILL leave. Perhaps more importantly, many, many more will be dissuaded from joining. This is all good and I will be happy to help in the fight. If the Society bleeds financially, even better.

    And I am not ignorant of the precedent that this sets. That by demonstrating the Society's duplicitous and deceptive indoctrination in one area will open up other arenas for exposure and attack. But attacking and hurting the Society will not repair my relationship with my Mum.



    I sit at my keyboard with blurred vision, my eyes are welled up and my heart is pounding because I feel I will NEVER see the day when the Watchtower truly dies.

    Yes, recent developments are Big News - but not for everyone.

  • jwfacts

    A very sad and typical case. I hope your cousin gets to hear about this news and is able to see that he does not need to fear for his relationship with God.

  • Legolas

    We need some law suits now to get the ball going!

  • AuldSoul


    I fully understand. I am in the same position. However, we have a sword now. We can gird up and go to battle. Each person added to the field may take only one stone more from the tower, but if enough stones are taken she will fall and our loved ones will come back to us.

    Take heart. But mostly, take courage. If I could take your tears I would.


  • nicolaou
    if enough stones are taken she will fall and our loved ones will come back to us

    I'm sorry AuldSoul, I appreciate your encouragement, truly, but I cannot agree with your assessment. 'B' does not follow from'A'. Even if we take the Watchtower to bankruptcy, even if it's charitable status is revoked, even if we cause the Watchtower to 'fall', why would that cause our loved ones to come back to us?

    Many would only resent us even more for doing so. As I've said before, we should all get behind these new efforts and campaigns against the Society - I will. But I have to be honest to everyone and say that such campaigns against the Corporation will always take second place to my campaign for my family.


  • bull01lay

    Jeeeeeesus Nicolau,

    I felt every word of your post, and it has me in tears too !! (bet everyone at work's wondering wtf is wrong !!)

    You're in my thoughts,

    Bull! <=off to the lav to compose myself !!!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Nic - so sorry to hear of the pain you have seen and felt.

    I do believe you are correct in your view that this will not bring the Tower to her knees. But even if this is just one stone in the slingshot, it might have significant effect in some areas.

    I can relate to some of what you have dealt with - but not to the degree you have felt them of course. I too would love to have a long heartfelt conversation with my cousin/former best friend. But alas I have been rejected as evil apostate with not even a reply to all my invites to 'talk it out and see why I am where I am'. I would suspect that he would rather 'go down with the ship' than to ever leave it.

    This is the most heinous of crimes IMO perpetrated by this cabal - the alienation of love and family from those who see thru the Fog and Fantasy. But the crime of killing martyrs by convincing them that God disaproves of the use of blood in medical care is in a photo finish for 1st place I think.

    What will come of it? No one knows I suppose. Will the tower fall? I doubt that - but even the most secure dike begins to crumble not from huge attack normally - but thru little holes and weaknesses becoming great breaks. This may be one of them.

    I too would like to see the Tower fall in my lifetime - but I too doubt it would bring back our relationships.

    Just know that many here feel your pain and wish we could share the burden. I do!


  • Dansk


    I know how you feel regarding family! I've still got two daughters in, one I haven't seen for three years! No letters, no 'phone calls, no visits - and she's married to a dyed-in-wool MS and they've moved to Wrexham!

    I, too, was hoping for some mega revelation whereby Watchtower would, hopefully, start to crumble overnight! But, hey, perhaps it has already started. Better minds than ours will already be working out how best to inflict the worst possible legal damage on the organisation. I guess we expect too much because we desperately want our families reunited. It's a normal response. I'm also mightily encouraged that so many people are still doing their best to expose the Tower and bring it down (yourself included). That alone is enough to cause consternation at Crooklyn.

    We also want to see the Tower brought down in our lifetime. I believe that is a genuine possibility - perhaps even moreso now. Remember, Barbara's own case is still running and that should cost the organisation dearly. Every law suit that it loses is cause for celebration. Unfortunately, it has the knack of keeping such matters hidden from the bulk of its members who, in the main, haven't got a clue what's going on and just carry on as usual. There's not much we can do about such ones as they'll always be there. However, those with intelligence will see it for what it is and that includes our families. So don't give up.

    I know you are a fighter. We've met and I know how active you are. If I hadn't taken ill I dare say I would probably have been more active than I am now (I used to be a member of this forum's action team, if you recall). We'll just have to see where the BIG news takes us. Obviously we need lawyers involved - and fast! Watchtower will already have discussed the implications of this revelation with its legal team. The GB will, as usual, be preparing to protect itself rather than having the genuine welfare of the membership at heart.

    Hope all goes well with your cousin!

    Best wishes,


  • AuldSoul


    I understand. As long as the corporation hold my family's first allegiance, as long as they fervently believe it speaks for God, I have no chance to win them back. And I am talking about a very large extended family, each of whom I love dearly.

    The same may be true for you. I know it is true for many millions of people.


  • dorayakii

    {{{nicolaou}}}, i understand, and empathise...

    you are quite right, things will most likely not take place as easy as: life - watchtower = family

    Bringing the watchtower to bankcrupcy would definately be taken as the start of the Great Tribulation for loyal Witnesses. The real reason for the bankrupcy will be twisted and hidden from the sheep, they have an extensive control of information flow to the "sheep". The only way we'll get our friends and family back, is if they take the initiative themselves to start thinking for themselves.

    The Watchtower will forever survive, even without money, perhaps under a different name. The Watchtower is eternal, it will survive as long as there are ignorant and gullible people (as once we all were).

    Don't get me wrong, i'm extremely excited by the "Big News", it is HUGE. However, the Watchtower, although it is a corporation, is primarily also an idea, and ideas are extremely resiliant, extremly difficult to extinguish.

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