It truly was BIG news . . . . . . but not for everyone.

by nicolaou 14 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • evita

    I totally understand how you feel. I had mixed feelings about the BIG NEWS. I hoped it would be big enough to make a difference to those who are trying to get their loved ones to see the truth about the truth.
    At the same time, for me it is too little, too late. I lost many young years in the dubs. My mom was a faithful dub for over 30 years and I lost many years of my relationship with her. She died last year and I have no more ties to the witnesses. For me, that part of my life is over.
    I truly hope that this news can benefit many people here but it may take a long time.

  • beksbks

    "I sit at my keyboard with blurred vision, my eyes are welled up and my heart is pounding because I feel I will NEVER see the day when the Watchtower truly dies."

    I have been sitting at this keyboard for the last hour, thinking just that. The anger and frustration at this pompous organization fills me to bursting. I want my life back.

  • serendipity

    (((Nicolau))) I can empathize because I lost my father after he refused a transfusion. I feel kind of numb right now - must be in shock.

  • serendipity

    Hi beksbks, welcome to the forum!

  • NewLight2


    Just remember, this "Big News" is NOT limited to the issue of BLOOD. The same law can be applied to the 587/607 issue. And THAT issue strikes at the very CORE of the Watchtower Society's AUTHORITY over the cong/JW's. If the watchtower can be 'proven' in a court of law to have been deceptive in representing secular dates in order to gain members by claiming to be "God's ONLY true Organization on earth today", the WHOLE system falls like a heap of fallen bricks. If you take away the Watchtower's 'claim to fame', even those die-hards will begin to smell the coffee!


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