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  • mrsjones5
    Does he get a feeling of righteousness, by comparison?

    I think so.

  • MidwichCuckoo
    I came here thinking this was for JWS and quickly found out it was not and got sucked in and hooked.

    .....you don't get 'hooked' on tobacco after just one cigarette - you KNEW what this site was after a few minutes perusal - THAT is when you should have left. Don't try and blame others for your weakness/hypocricy.

  • stillajwexelder

    he does remind me of scholar who can not resist a 1914/607/587 type thread

  • Finally-Free
    It claims to represent Jehovahs witnesses (in its title)yet the vast majority of posters are anti JW and many have been expelled.

    1. The board does not claim to represent anyone, Jehovah's Witness or otherwise. It clearly states that everyone is welcome. The name describes the primary subject matter.
    2. The Watchtower Society does not own the name "Jehovah" nor does it have the exclusive right to decide who may or may not call themself a witness of Jehovah.


  • wannaexit

    quango ,

    I am sure you realized quite early on what this site was all about. Did the meetings not teach you to "make sure of all things".?

    Also you went to all the trouble of getting here. I question your sincerity. Perhaps you are misrepresenting yourself.

    Welcome anyways. But if you choose not to stay the back door is wide open for you.


  • avishai
    It claims to represent Jehovahs witnesses (in its title)yet the vast majority of posters are anti JW and many have been expelled.

    I love this, typical JW reasoning. "IF YOU HAVE BEEN DF'D ETC, YOU HAVE TO BE QUIET!!! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TALK NEGATIVELY ABOUT THE SOCIETY BECAUSE YOU ARE BAD!!!!" Well, guess what quando? We can do whatever we want, the WTS does'nt tell most of us here what to do anymore.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    The Society have also reinforced their web-site address - instructing each Congregation as to what it is. I believe it is printed on their literature. I know this, and I'm not a dub - maybe you should pay more attention at the Meetings?

  • stillconcerned


    That was the kindest, most even-keel response to an attack i've seen in a long time..

    Good job!

  • Virgogirl

    Poor, poor def'd! Somebody must be tying him up at gunpoint and forcing him to log in repeatedly and then he gets sucked in! Yeah, right! He chooses to come here, over and over and nobody is making him.

  • Satanus

    Dfd needs rescue by several pointy nosed, sharp tongued co's, as they grease him w oil, in order to make him well again. But, i fear that it may already be too late. Sheep who keep secrets from the shepherds show that they have been infected beyond cure, and will eventually need to be culled so as to protect the unblemished ones.


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