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    Of cousre i dont feel I did anything wrong. I was freely speaking like everyone else was. The mods didnt see it that way. That is water under the bridge now.

    When were you ever "disfellowshiped" (your words) from JWD ONCE let again three times?

    Besides I think they allow me to be much freer here and I appreciate that. I have gotten too comfortable and need to tone it down a bit I admit, before I am disfellowshipped again.


    People need to be aware that you have a strange way of telling the truth. In your colourful posting history the mods in fairness have even sought to protect you even though they may be getting somewhat tired of your 'hit and run' posts in threads. You've been called out in the last day or say and it's been clearly shown that you aren't the most prolific answere of questions, are you?

    if we take your personna at face value you are a vocal apostate from the JWs happily fellowshiping with those who've been DF from "the Organisation".

    Yet you have the hide to pipe up on this thread and speak about how you were misled!!!!

    You're a hypocrite!

  • Sam the Man
    Sam the Man

    It's the ultimate act of irony that a JW dares to speak of this board being a misinterpretation when the WT has misled millions for years with blatant misinterpretation.

  • ozziepost

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    Lady Lee164
    Enigma One125

    You really are a hypocrite, Defd! The leading poster in the last 7 days and yet you've been misled????

    Crap, crap, crap.

  • carla

    dfed used to get quite testy when people would ask him specific questions and not answer or give totally unrelated answers. The person would persist in a question and usually that is when he would get testy and say he wouldn't talk to certain people on the board. Much like sweetscholar at the moment, when you disagree with a jw and even try to show facts to the contrary they will just not talk to you. Then there is the time our honest friend dfed played a little 'trick' on the board claiming he was married to another poster.

    You know, I know a few other jw's who have represented themselves as someone other than who they were (in real life not on a board). I wonder if this is a common thing for them? Us outsiders would call it lying, but they don't see it that way. They justify it anyway they can. (dfed was meant as a joke not malicious)

  • ozziepost

    Since this thread title is about misrepresentation it may be apropos to ask whether defd has not been guilty of gross misrepresentation? Is he a he? Is he a dub? We don't really know but it must be obvious that he's not the standard JW, nor a loyal one. If he is a dub, then what do we call someone who portrays himself to his masters (the WTS) as one thing and happily plays in the playground with so-called apostates?

  • seattleniceguy

    Welcome to the board!
    You're right that the name of the board was a good marketing move. It seems monolithic, official. But the board clearly says that this is a "Jehovah's Witness discussion forum," which it really and truly is. The only reason active Jehovah's Witnesses are so few around here is that their organization forbids them to be here. It's ironic, really.
    I can give you that the name of the board might at first glance be different than what you might expect. Then again, if I went to mormon.com and found that it was mostly populated by ex-Mormons, I don't think I'd feel particularly deceived. I'd probably say my hellos, congratulate them on snagging a great name, and be on my way to the official site if I were interested in getting there.
    Another point to consider is that the Watchtower Society has chosen to represent itself as "Watchtower." They had the chance years ago to purchase the jehovahs-witness.com domain. They chose not to. Their brand name is Watchtower. It would have been a simple and extremely inexpensive matter to also own jehovahs-witness.com and redirect it to their main domain, but they chose not to. That's fine, that's their choice. But it certainly means that anyone else with an interest in the domain can buy it. And that's what happened. And this site clearly has a valid stake in the name. It's not like we're selling tennis shoes here.
    Finally, I wanted to offer some thoughts with regard to your suggestion that supposed misrepresentation in the name of this site is similar to the misrepresentation by the Watchtower in (for example) the Blood brochure. There is a world of difference between choosing a name that is likely to generate good traffic for a web site, and publishing material that deliberately quotes so as to make it appear that external sources are saying things they do not. The Watchtower Society communicated specific misrepresentations with intent to deceive. (Intent is obviously hard to prove, but in many cases the Society edits words out of the very same sentence that they are quoting in a way that significantly alters the meaning. It is hard to see this as anything other than deliberate deception. No one is stupid enough to do this accidentally, and if they are, they certainly shouldn't be writing for "God's Channel.")
    Anyway, welcome again to the board! Hope you stick around.

  • stillajwexelder

    If he is a dub, then what do we call someone who portrays himself to his masters (the WTS) as one thing and happily plays in the playground with so-called apostates?

    I do not know ozziepost -because that is me - however, I do not defend the WT (well not often). However I do admit that I am a hypocrite - just not ready to leave the borg just yet - theocratic warfare strategist I call myself - but I do not think that title is appropriate for DEFD

  • ozziepost


    Mate, there's a world of difference between you and Defd with his antics! The thing is, as Lady Lee and Scully, have called him on, is that he's misrepresenting the truth (no I don't mean "the Troof"!!) of events. In this latest charade he goes too far! He's also casting aspersions, as the saying goes, at the forum assistants 9otherwise known as mods).

    Practicing JWs are welcome on JWD and have been made welcome. See, for example, SNG's courteous reply to quango, but there is a limit to our good-naturedness.

  • Satanus

    I find it funny how dfd hangs w 'apostates', even complains when that association might become limited. Makes you wonder what exactly his motivation is for being here. Does he get a feeling of righteousness, by comparison? He complains that he's hooked. What exactly is it about this apostate site that *he needs?

    *He could be a she


  • stopthepain

    "we alone have the truth from god thru the governing body"---------talk about misrepresentation!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

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