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    What I can't figure out is why the hush hush?

    feelinsketchy? Can you find you way to take a digital photo of the Tower in progress and post it on this board?

  • NewYork44M

    There was a swap-out of personnel from Walkill. It is my understanding that the computer operations moved to Brooklyn. But there is not much other activity in Brooklyn. Lots of empty space. The primary purpose of the Brooklyn staff is property management. They are in a continual mode of upgrading their buildings. The 117 Columbia Heights building is going through a major rennovation and should not expect to be completed for many more months. I am sure that when that is completed they will move to another property.

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  • undercover
    Does the Tower have to use union workers or can they use volunteers?

    I've wondered about that before. And if they have to deal with the unions, how do they get by with not giving into Mob payments and the like?

    Now, you know what would be some really "BIG, I MEAN BIG, NEWS"? That the WTS and the New York Mafia were in cahoots. Yea, baby!

  • LDH
    Remember if you want the same lifestyle for your family, you are a materialistic S.O.B. (is that allowed here?)

    Hey Feelinsketchy--If you have really been lurking for a long time, you would know that and more is allowed here!

    Welcome. I'm originally from Upstate NY, in Fresno CA now but I spent many weekends at "Bethel". I can't say that without laughing.

    Cuckoo, great post.

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    Where did the poster go that started this message?Waiting for some mo info

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    Hey FeelinSketchy I'm originally from NY too, Welcome to the DB, nice to have you here, interesting information, I had heard about the DUMBO project before, and also wondered where they were getting the money to build that, since they are sooooo financially strapped right now that the R & F have to pay for the CO's insurance and all .

    I hope more R & F find out about this and stop donating their money to this Borg!

    Maybe the WTS lawyers have figured the CRAP out and are blackmailing them, and those apartment buildings really belong to the lawyers.......I know, I know....... but who doesn't love a good conspiracy theory?..... Besides I can dream can't I?


  • belbab

    I remember from decades ago, when they only owned two buildings in Brooklyn, the bethel home and one or two factory building.

    Then news came that big corporations were moving out of Brooklyn and setting up shop in the boondocks, out in the country.

    What a wonderful blessing from Jehovah that was. Buildings becoming vacant and up for sale at bargain prices. I believe that theSquib building was one of the first. The blessing was that now the WT could expand their printing and factory facilities. Jehovah provides .

    But Jehovah forgot to check the building permits. The buildings were not structurously sound, capable of carrying the weight of heavy printing presses or heavy storage space. I never heard further any more about the blessings of Jah in this regard.

    How ironic, that some years later, again of course with blessings of Jah behind it, the WT follows the precedent of the larger companies, who had been aware of the financial disadvantages of remaing in Dumboland, and followed them out to places such as Patterson and Wakill.

    belbab, Praise God You People!

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