Received a letter from an Elder

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  • Virgogirl

    He may be sincere, but it's also a CYA letter, isn't it? He can show the brothers his documentation that he has tried his best, and now the bloodguilt is off of him for your choices. If Jehovah's spirit ever was with the Borganization, I would think he's removed it by now, due to the disgusting corruption running rampant today. This could explain losing 500 congregations in Japan, for example, and perhaps in other countries.

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    Since you are not a mindless slave yet you still qualify for Love Bombing. If you are in the mood to stir things up when the Big News gets here you can enclose the information in your response letter. "Please help me understand this new information"

    I'm going to be very loving and not go neener neenner neener..though it will be my natural inclination.

  • Sunspot
    Then he said Jehovah and Jesus and the whole congregation would be very happy if you came back.

    He really pulled out all the stops, didn't he?

    Using BOTH Jehovah and Jesus to emphasize his point! How often do they even speak about Jesus in a case like this? Everything is usually geared to the "displeasing Jehovah" aspect.....he (and the congregation ) must like you a lot!

  • LovesDubs

    He only loves you for the easy hours of field time you used to provide him with LOL! Now he has to go out in the cold like the rest of the schlumps and get his time in. :) Nothing is for free with the Borg...all things, all "friends" come with a price tag and a list of conditions!

  • JH

    My mother saw the letter and said to me, "Why did he write that letter in french"? I belong to a french congregation, but that elder speaks better english and I always did speak to him in ENGLISH, and he always did speak to me in english.

    So, since he put the letter in french, it's because he wants to show the other elders, who only speak french, what he wrote to me. And he put the date on the letter too.

    You don't have to do that when it's a friendly note you send to a friend.

    So, I think he might use this letter one day to prove that he tried his best to bring me back to the Org. and that if I don't go back, it's as if I disassociated myself.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    That is an old tired line isn't it - Hope you come back to Jehovah.

    Just shows how brainlocked they are - and we were too at one time - that they cannot discern the diff between serving God and serving a book publishing company.


  • Mary
    z said: JH next week I’ll be in Florida will be thinking of you

    z, take....... me............. with........... you!!!

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