Received a letter from an Elder

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  • JH

    I was gone for a few days and when I came back today, I found a letter in my mailbox.

    Basically it's a friendly letter asking me to come back to the congregation. In his letter he says, I tried to contact you often but couldn't. I know it's not easy trying to be a witness when no one in your family is a witness. Then he said to read 2 chronicles 15:2 and meditate on it.

    2 Consequently he went out before A´sa and said to him: “Hear me, O A´sa and all Judah and Benjamin! Jehovah is with YOU as long as YOU prove to be with him; and if YOU search for him, he will let himself be found by YOU , but if YOU leave him he will leave YOU .

    Then he said Jehovah and Jesus and the whole congregation would be very happy if you came back.

    Signed: Your brother yadda yadda

  • luna2

    Its nice to feel wanted...but going back to that life? Ewww! LOL

    They do this reaching out to inactive ones from time to time. I always think its because the CO's has just been by and given them a good spanking.

  • Lilycurly

    I would sent something along the line of " Oh! Thank you for your concern. But I have already found Him and He found Me. I have never been happier with my life then I am now. --Merry Christmas!, JH."

    Of course, if it was me, I couldn't stop myself to that and would write on and on, probably giving more info then he'd read about why I left. I always get carried

  • z

    JH welcome home to -15c

  • JH

    I imagine that this letter is like a final written warning......and then if I don't come back, they could say that I dissasociated myself by not listening....

  • JH

    Hey Z, it was just as cold in Wisconisin.

  • anewme

    He sounds like a sincere man taking time out to extend a true welcome. Was he your friend JH?
    Returning to the meetings can be like that; easy and comfortable and welcoming.

    I personally think many admire returnees.

  • z

    JH next week I’ll be in Florida will be thinking of you

  • Honesty

    So Rat..... do you think you'll go back to serving the FDS Jerhover?

  • Satanus

    Ask him where, when, how he found jehovah. Also, what was it like, finding jehovah. What were his body's reactions to jehovah. These questions are based on bible descriptions of jehovah encounters, like: abrahams meeting him in a wierd sort of darkness and falling asleep, moses' many meeting getting his face shining, seeing mountains topple, job's jehovah in the windstorm, ezekials chariot, etc. There are a few more incidences. 'Couse, the elder will use the standard answer that jehovah is found in the midst of his people bs. Or, he will likely think that you are being a smart ass. But, if you remind him of some of the bible jehovah meetings, well, then it would be interesting to see what he says. Just a thought. Now, you can see why they dfd me.


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