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by Severus 27 Replies latest watchtower scandals

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Ready to do what? Until we know what the news is there is no point "getting ready".

    Just be patient Please

  • wednesday

    He is gathering an e-mail list to be used after the news is released and more info is given about what to say in the e-mails. That is why Barbara gave us advance notice about the news so we could prepare a list and get ready. I don't think most people are sending out e-mails now, but it is a good reminder to "hold your horses" as the saying goes and wait for the news and some direction.


  • Buhdee

    So, if you were an active Witness, I guess you could call it a Publishers Clearning house?

  • seattleniceguy
    What would be cool is to write a little script that emails a customized individual message to each person, but uses the previous address from the list in the FROM field. This way the email will more than likely be sent to from someone already in their address book and will more often than not bypass SPAM filters.

    I could write a script to do something like that in a couple of hours. It would take much longer to send the emails ... but we could send them over the course of several days. I could give one or two others on here access to it as well.

    Not to throw a wet blanket down, but I don't think this is a good idea. First, it is disengenuous. When people discovered that their friend had not sent them the message, they would be angered. This would not lend credibility to the actual message.
    Secondly, mass emails will necessarily be less specific to the recipients, and thus less likely to be taken seriously.
    I applaud Severus' idea, but in this case, I think that standard email is the way to go. People will mail the people they know. They can make the recipient lists as broad or specific as they like.
    If 10 people sent 10 addresses to a central mail clearing house, 100 mostly identical messages would be sent. Or those 10 people could individually send their own messages, again resulting in 100 messages, but much more finely tuned ones. I think this is a case where your standard "viral marketting" techniques are going to be most effective.
    Interstingly, we've had over 35,000 views on the main thread. If that many people send the news to an average of 10 people ( = 350,000) and those people each forward it to 10 more, that would spread the news to 3.5 million. I think we'll do quite well with normal email. Even without limited second-stage emails, we will probably end up reaching something like 1 in 4 Witnesses in the industrialized world.
    Just my two cents.

  • blindersoff
    Interstingly, we've had over 35,000 views on the main thread. If that many people send the news to an average of 10 people ( = 350,000) and those people each forward it to 10 more, that would spread the news to 3.5 million.

    Whoa there, Hoss. Prolly a little optimistic. 30,000 of those views are mine.

    (BTW-- I love your posts)


  • bebu

    Hi Severus,

    Since you're new to the forum, I have a little more hesitancy to email you. Kinda like Snape in the Harry Potter series... I mean, are you a bad guy or a good guy? (Maybe you should have chosen a different user name, LOL!) So I'll just private message (pm) you the addresses I've got.

    I like your proactiveness.


  • rebel8

    I think people are brainstorming ideas. I agree it is best to do things which lend the most credibility to our cause.

    I emailed Severus but thought I would mention an idea here. I have been trying to get something like this going for several months but maybe there will be more interest now that we have the impending "big news". IMO it is best for us to get a name and logo together to start anti-WT Cult activities. It does not need to be limited to the topic of the "big news" but it can also include basic information about how dangers the JW group is so as to help others stay away.

    I have been using the logo below to distribute materials in my community. I'm sure we must have graphic designers out there who can do a btr job of it but here it is as an idea, to stimulate discussion. The image comes across with a black border when I post it--I don't know why--I didn't put it there.

    (The name/logo idea is not new. Some posters have come up with the idea of using an adapted anarchist logo but I personally do not want to use anything to do that--credibility and logic are my goals, not scaring people. That is just what i personally want to do. Everyone is free to do what they want.)

  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    Rebel8 - I really like your lightning bolt at the watchtower logo. If that doesn't scare people, why would an anarchy symbol be any scarier, lol? Severus - I have created a new email address specifically for the purpose of making the contacts, brainstorming, dealing exclusively with this "big news" and spreading it around. If anyone has any email addresses that I can help contact re: ththe "big news," please let me know how to help. I have some experience as a public information officer, although it was quite some time ago (college, SGA). I haven't sent out a press release in quite a while, but I will be glad to do so when the time comes. Please let me know at the inbox I have on this board and I will help in any way that I can. I so look forward to whatever this news will be.

  • rebel8

    Hi Madame, I think people are going to be hesitant to include someone in the activism who has only made 1 post on JWD. You could be a Bethelite trying to disrupt us. Are you a new poster or is this just a new ID?

    IMO the logo is not as scary as the anarchist symbol. The lightning bolt is directed at the WT and destroying it, while the title proclaims its purpose of increasing awareness of the dangers of the WT. The anarchist symbol has long been used by criminals and it has come to be known as a symbol of someone who is unwilling to follow society's rules. That is not what I stand for and I wouldn't use that symbol because I don't want anyone to associate that stuff with me. The lightning bolt in my logo is destroying the WT while the anarchy symbol (in many people's minds) stands for destruction of society and government.

  • serendipity

    Hi Madame Quixote,

    Welcome to the forum!

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