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  • Maryjane

    I just sent you a couple! Good lookin' out!

  • Severus

    Thank you for all of your contributions to the "clearinghouse". Publishers clearing house indeed. I have already received over 200 email addresses and hope for many more.

    Send your JW associated email contacts to: THISISBIGNEWS at YAHOO dot COM

    Well we all know what the "Big News" is now, and it is apparent that it will require some dissection and legal testing before anything substantive occurs.

    I am very proud to have Barbara's (AndersonsInfo) endorsement of this email collection (which idea I attribute to IT Support):

    While we wait for the release of "Big News" please consider this:

    Severus's new thread suggesting "Big News Email Clearing House" is excellent. And here is what IT Support suggested on page 18 of the huge "Big News" thread:

    "I'd like to suggest how each one of us can take an active part in publicizing BBN (Barbara's Big News)...

    Someone mentioned early on in this thread (sorry, whoever you are, I couldn't face hunting through all the pages again to try to find who you are), that we need to prepare for the Big News. I totally agree with this comment, but how can we prepare?

    Whatever the news is, we all want it to have maximum impact. To achieve that, we must publicize it as widely as possible. We can start NOW to compile a list of email addresses of people and organisations in our state / county / country who should be told about our Big News.

    So let's get down to some basic questions and issues:

    What is the purpose of an email clearinghouse?

    To collect emails contacts of Jehovah's Witnesses, active or no, and any other parties that may benefit from new releases regarding JW's.

    Many in possession of these email addresses would never dare send an email directly to their friends and family for fear of implicating themselves as an "apostate". The clearinghouse allows otherwise oblivious JW's to get important information without damaging the relation of the secret source of the email.

    What is to be done with the emails?

    This is only a collection point. I am willing to work with other parties who may be willing to write content and distribute the emails. To that end I invite all comers with ideas, press releases, and email sending systems to contact me via PM or by the email below.

    I swear not to sell or abuse this resource for any other means.

    How can I trust "Severus", a relatively new member of this forum?

    I am only new to this board as "Severus". My legitimacy and trust can be verified by the outstanding member Blondie if you wish to check my references.

    Can I be tracked down as a source if I provide email addresses?

    No. Once a email is received via THISISBIGNEWS at YAHOO dot COM, your email and personal information is deleted. You will not receive a reply, as this may establish a trail. Only the email addresses you provide are gleaned.

    If a general email is sent out, it is sent from a different address completely. It is not forwarded from your address. Your privacy is assured.

    I intend to regularly repost this project. Thank you again for your participation.

  • googlemagoogle

    i've got more than a thousand JW email addresses, but most of them speak german...

  • DannyHaszard

    Severus you are a hero!

  • Country Girl
    Country Girl

    For R/F Witnesses, perhaps a database can be established at BN Clearing House. It will contain X number of fields:

    date field

    addressee field

    subject field


    body of text field

    and then some sort of coding that will insert the addressee field of the name subsequent in the database, namely to make it run more smoothly, and to give credibility to the email.

    We also might think to garner a list of LEGAL media sources; hospital sources; Judges at the district and federal levels; that can be merged with another type of information, namely the more legal aspects of the Big News, but at a more professional level. Just an idea....


  • Billygoat
    That being said, I'd certainly love to forward my JW boyfriend's email address to this effort, along with his mother's and two sisters' email addresses, too, just for good measure. I'm a little wary about that, though, because I get the feeling that he'd probably know that it was me that set the whole thing up for him, and that definitely wouldn't be a good thing.

    Maybe you could put your email on the list and say you got the email too? That way you're another "victim" and can't be accused.

  • Severus

    Contributed by another member, comments?:

    (for those who wish to e-mail their state legislators. And also feel free to use/edit this introductory letter to the many e-mails you will be sending changing the greeting to include a person's name when it is available.)

    Dear Senator/Member of Congress:

    Enclosed you will find a description of some very harmful practices which affect children lives and their health. These are policies and activities are conducted by the tax-exempt religious group operating as the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York.

    The first harmful policy which urgently needs legislation before more children are victimized is the practice of not disclosing known and convicted child abusers within their members. The elders of all congregations belonging to this organization are instructed by this organization’s “Governing Body” to not disclose to the congregation when a known or convicted of child abuser in a previous congregation transfers into a new congregation. As a result of this reckless omission, more children are exposed to sexual predators and an opportunity for crimes is created among unsuspecting members.

    The second urgent matter which has already resulted in hundreds of children dying is the organization’s medical misrepresentation of the dangers of refusing a life-saving blood transfusion. This organization uses discourses and literature to present arguments which site medical research journals and other authorities to present their own negative view regarding this medical procedure. In so doing, the Watchtower Corporation misrepresents secular facts so their members can conclude that accepting this medical procedure when medically necessary poses a greater risk than refusing it. Children have been allowed to die as a result of their parents relying on this false information.

    The only way to stop harmful actions by this organization which receives tax exempt privileges is by means of legislation. This country’s founding fathers did not draft the constitution with any one person’s or entity’s freedom as having greater value than the innocent lives of children. I urge you and others who have the power to draft legislation to consider the needless suffering and loss of life currently taking place. Only you and other law makers can make these abuses explicitly illegal and put an end to harmful policies by religious exempt organizations whose responsibility should be that of providing a service for the common good.


  • YoursChelbie

    Can you give a brief summary of the information (documents or links) the recipients of the e-mails will receive?

    and when will the e-mails be sent?


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