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  • Severus

    Consider me a player. I am interested in supporting the "Big News" news blitz by coordinating a clearing house of JW email addresses.

    Most of us have a handful of JW email contacts, others may have whole address books filled of them.


    Please send your email contacts to THISISBIGNEWS at YAHOO dot COM.

    This is my adhoc stab at activism. Any suggestions and assistance are appreciated.

  • Lilycurly

    Yes professor Snape, sir!

    That`s a good idea...I don`t have many addresses, but lets! people!

  • wednesday


    This is why Barbara posted in advance so we could get prepared to spread the news. Thank you for taking a leading role.. I will support this effort. As has been said, if we all get contacts to our local papers, TV channels, radio, etc, local elders, friends, whatever, we can publish this good news in all the inhabited earth(sorry could not resist the fun)


  • ithinkisee

    I have access to an anonymous mail server to mail from.

    What would be cool is to write a little script that emails a customized individual message to each person, but uses the previous address from the list in the FROM field. This way the email will more than likely be sent to from someone already in their address book and will more often than not bypass SPAM filters.

    I could write a script to do something like that in a couple of hours. It would take much longer to send the emails ... but we could send them over the course of several days. I could give one or two others on here access to it as well.

    Just a thought.


  • Lilycurly

    Hmmm...would an advance email be too much? (I know some people who object the Big News hype will want to shoot me!)lol But maybe get people curious, just like we are all now. Maybe some phrase that wouldn`t give anything away but would make people wait for the news.

    Or perhaps this is a bad idea....might result in them getting defensive. Well, it was just an idea...and I`m tired...going to sleep now.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Thanx severus. I have some addresses to contribute. I do not know most of the people, but it was from a 'witness loop' that I got the names.

    I will forward them.


  • Scully

    Let's wait until we hear more before we start any kind of campaigning. Out of respect for the privacy of everyone's JW contacts, we can't endorse this kind of activity.

  • Super_Becka

    My concern with advance emails is the same as Lilycurly's - attack the JWs in advance and they're only gonna get defensive, that seems to be the general reaction to anything against the WTS. Heh, you don't even have to say anything specifically "against" the WTS, either - I was talking to my boyfriend about the WTS a while back, and I simply agreed with a statement that he'd made about the failed 1975 prediction and added a little extra about previous failed predictions without saying anything that could be misconstrued as being anti-WTS, and he STILL got offended and went into hyper-defensive mode. I guess JWs just don't like it when other people look into their beliefs and can possibly then start poking holes in it. Something tells me that sending anonymous emails to JWs would certainly put them on guard against any possible anti-WTS "propaganda".

    That being said, I'd certainly love to forward my JW boyfriend's email address to this effort, along with his mother's and two sisters' email addresses, too, just for good measure. I'm a little wary about that, though, because I get the feeling that he'd probably know that it was me that set the whole thing up for him, and that definitely wouldn't be a good thing. I've thought about trying to send him anonymous anti-WTS information - the truth about "the Truth" - but I'm afraid that he'd find out that I was the one behind it, and that certainly wouldn't be good for our relationship. He said that he's willing to talk and compromise a bit on some things in our relationship regarding his practices (or, more specifically, his LACK of practices), but that would just close him up completely.

    Has anyone done this before?? Does anonymous blanket emails to JWs actually work at all?? Do any of the JWs get suspicious and suspect specific individuals might be behind moves like that (like non-JW family members/friends/girlfriends/boyfriends)?? In other words, if I forwarded my boyfriend's email address (and possibly the email addresses of his family members, too), would he ever think that it might be me who put his name in for that or would he not suspect a thing?? I'd certainly love to have some information sent his way anonymously, but I'm still anxious about it. I don't want to make any moves that might have negative effects on my relationship - true, the relationship is probably doomed anyway, but I'd like to actually talk through it rather than make him really angry with something like this. What do you think??

    -Becka :)

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Agreed Scully

    I know Barbara hasn't gone this far without having things set up for us.

    Please be patient. We will know what to do when Barbara tells us

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Perhaps Scully speaks with wisdom here. But we can get ready can't we. So as to be ready to act.


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