What would be a good business to replace the Kingdom Hall?

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  • NestleBoy

    Believe it or not,

    About four years ago my old Kingdom Hall was sold to another church -- a French-Creole Baptist church of all things. Our new Kingdon hall was built right next to it. The new Kingdom Hall was built on the majority of what was the parking lot of the old hall. Free/reduced priced land from the city I guess.

    I mean it’s one thing if you sell an old building that was a Kingon Hall and then moving half-way across town to never see it again. But RIGHT NEXT DOOR?!? It’s amusing (and kinda sad) seeing they have to occupy this old building which look like it’s crumbling (paint jobs to make it look like new can only do so much). They pretty much have to park behind the buiding in a cleared-out wooded area. And the three hurricanes we had in the past two years didn't help.

    The elders even took the out all the old chairs (about 180 or so) and sold them. The French-Creole Baptists were not very happy about that. You can cleary look in and see long, dark wooden pughs (like they use in Catholic Churches) from the outside when you drive by. It has large clear glass doors to look through at just the right angle.


  • AuldSoul

    Fast-food restaurant. People are already used to going there for mass helpings of hastily prepared garbage that will kill you if you eat too much of it or eat it too often.


  • caligirl

    The one I grew up in is being turned into a dentist office.

  • Apostate Kate
    Apostate Kate

    Free Deprogramming psychologist therapy clinics paid for by funds won in mass class action suits against the WTBTS.

    and a food bank distrubution center of course.

  • HappyDad


    The original Kingdom Hall I was recruited into in 1968 to 1989 is now a local police station. We had such a hard time selling it that we were ready to just give it to the borough in order to get a loan from Brooklyn for the new one. Not sure of the price they paid us for it but it has a holding cell in the basement now.

    The KH I left in 1997 and the parking lot would make a nice spot for a nightclub.

    The KH I faded away from would make a nice home with some renovation and tearing up the asphalt parking lot and doing some landscaping. Only problem is.........MOLD was discovered as the culprit for making a few JW's sick in it. To my knowledge..........the mold problem might still be there.


  • Honesty

    A cardiologist's office. That way the dubs could go around bragging that some hearts were changed at a Kingdumb hall.

  • JAVA

    "FREE FIREWOOD" I love that one, Seven.
    Funereal Home is my suggestion. KHs are for people who have stopped thinking, thus it's already set up for the dead.

  • undercover

    Strip clubs are much more entertaining than Kingdom Halls.

    There is already a stage in place...just add a pole.

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Brothel - an exploitation of its members.

  • katiekitten

    Our old KH was turned into a fitness studio - Jehovahs Fitnesses - running and jumping about for god!!

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