What would be a good business to replace the Kingdom Hall?

by DevonMcBride 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • DevonMcBride

    I know I'm jumping the gun here but...With the big news coming there may be some for sale signs in front of Kingdom Halls in the future. The Kingdom Hall near me is at a busy intersection and a prime location for another business. I think a yoga studio would be perfect there. My second choice would be a fast food restaurant.

  • aniron

    paper recycling plant.

  • misspeaches

    come on level with me. This is another big news thread isn't it! I think big news deserves its own category...

  • jgnat

    Community hall. You've got the meeting rooms, the kitchen, bathrooms, everything. I think a nice Ukrainian community hall strung with lots and lots of garlands and lights, with a small display for the war veterans where the announcement board used to be would be pretty. They could have bingos on Friday nights and dances on Saturday nights. A pool table in one of the side rooms. Lawn bowling and horseshoes on the front lawn. I'm on a roll.

  • seven006

    Just put up a big sign in front of it that says "FREE FIREWOOD"

  • Kaput

    Blood bank.

  • jwfacts

    My old hall was sold to a bridge club. Amusing to think of all those old men sitting around gambling and smoking in the hall.

  • diamondblue1974

    A casino!

    Or a Seventh Day Adventist Church....

    or even a Masonic Hall


  • Elsewhere

    Lets see here... what would the WTS never use a KH for?

    • Porn production company
    • Homosexual activist organization
    • UN volunteer center
    • Church
    • Soup Kitchen
  • Celia

    Shelter for homeless people, to keep them out of the cold New England winter.... and soup kitchen of course...

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