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  • Gill

    The WTBTS will only make changes if the 'News' affects their bank balance.

    They do not give a shit what the R and F think and would just loftily look down their noses with a 'Fine! We'll live forever without you then! You're all DF'd or DA'd whatever they do now.'

    And of course, 'no matter what the News is', the majority will NOT believe it.

    I can hear my mother now: 'It's all lies and persecution from Satan!' (Big sigh from Gill who is sick to the back teeth of nasty JW relatives!)

    Any changes will just be 'New Light'. They'll wriggle and twist out of this just like Houdini and come out of the mire smelling of roses to the JWs who 'want' to and 'have' to believe it.

    If it's over blood, the answer will be 'well Jehovah knows that its safe for us to have it now.'

    If it's over misappropriation of funds, the answer will be 'well, we serve Jehovah not men.'

    If it's over the sex abuse cover ups, the answer will be that 'men chose to cover it up, not Jehovah and now he is revealling the truth to keep his people clean.'

    Perhaps I aught to work for the WTBTS propaganda machine. I know, whatever it is, they've got it covered....believe me! Any 'News' will be like dropping a cup of water on that fire in Hemel Hempsted....pointless.

    Sorry! That's just my considered opinion since first reading about the 'News'.

    I hope that I'm wrong....but I don't think I am....sadly.

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  • AuldSoul


    This is class action lawsuit worthy. This is HUGE hit them in the pocket book worthy. I am sure people haven't figured out all the legal angles on this, but it is possible that there could be suits for creating risk of harm by promoting the blood cards on fraudulent grounds. Any potential uses will have to be tested first in court, but for the media we can make this a major circus.

    Since it is not breaking from inside and is not just a JW thing, and since it is being published in such a prestigious journal, we should have no trouble attracting a great big spotlight to it.


  • Seeker4


    Nice guess!! Now, lets see what we can do with this SOB!!


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