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  • AuldSoul

    A thought: If one issue gets worldly people incredibly stirred up against Witnesses, and the public starts telling Witnesses that they are being lied to by their leaders, and then a few of the leaders just can't take it anymore...

    It is possible that the beginning of the end may look very much like them being publicly caught "red" handed. To tell the truth, the child abuse scandals, the UN/DPI Association, and the lies about 607 BC have probably all created an environment where this kind of thing would be possible. Now, all that is left is an issue we can get behind exposing that will have some legal force backing it.

    Once we have that, we can batter down doors to bigger things. Barb didn't say this would be the biggest thing possible, she just said it was bigger than the things that have come before. Every increase in magnitude adds weight to our arguments and tips the scales in our favor. We are painted as the deceivers, but we are the ones trying to uncover the truth. The media will know how the land lays and our word will carry further, as long as we speak responsibly.

    The key to me is that, whatever this is, Barbara said the public will care. In my opinion, people are jaded about the money scandals that have been going on. But they are due for some other kind of scandal to get worked up over. The thing is, this stand on blood is fairly well known by the public already, and the Witnesses are largely despised for it. If it is the blood issue, and if we can get national attention attracted, who knows how many other opportunities it will open for us to be made aware of dark secrets?

    The money thing would require Federal investigations before anything could be done, unless it is some sort of class action lawsuit (but that would ordinarily have a lot of precursors, too). This has the feel of something private sector, but at the professional level. Blood issue fits that bill, too.


  • Jourles
    I strongly doubt that it's a doctrinal change of any kind

    I don't either. Since it's coming from a third party, they wouldn't have anything to do with a doctrinal change. But the WTS might be forced to make a change very soon due to this news.

  • wednesday
    forget it, red'll never get 24 pages of responses in two've been trumped.

    LOL you took the words right out of my mouth LOL LOL WAY TO GO UNDERCOVER


  • sf

    For me today, I am working on preparing my SELF for the type of blow I felt after I read Rays book and subsequently started my research process and support building.

    I trust Barb when she says it is BIG and that it's about to be revealed. This means I had better get my mind, body and soul prepared for the blow.

    I suggest many others do the same in however way you prepare.

    {{{ Well Wishes To All }}}


  • minimus

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  • sf

    What I mean to say is that I wasn't prepared for what I read in Rays book. Heck, I wasn't even aware of such a book or what had happened in 1980...not long after my disfellowshipment. Needless to say, I basically flipped out for a long while.

    It felt like I was broken.

    I don't intend to go through that type of pain again, WITHOUT PREPARATIONS.

    Thusly, if YOU think AND feel that this news may have a strong effect on all your 'parts', find a way to prepare for it.

    We are all here for each other. And keep in mind, many will be coming here, as I'm sure once Danny floods the internet engines with the news. Prepare ourselves for this dynamic too.

    {{{ HUGS }}}

    Hey TED, you know the song called WASTED DAYS AND WASTED NIGHTS? LOLOLOLOL...YOU WILL!!! hahaha


  • DevonMcBride
    A thought: If one issue gets worldly people incredibly stirred up against Witnesses, and the public starts telling Witnesses that they are being lied to by their leaders, and then a few of the leaders just can't take it anymore...

    I am a worldly person. Never been a JW and never had contact with JW's until a few years ago. Worldly people don't care if JW's are being lied to by their leaders anymore than we care that the Moonies are being lied to by their leaders. I don't think they will get stirred up over this unless there are many deaths, coverups and corruption exposed. I think this could be an issue that ex-JW's and JW critics could use to fire up active Witnesses.

  • Apostanator

    I certainly hope the news is, the Government Revokes their tax exempt status !!

  • ocelot

    Your all wrong, its clearly about the unholy army of zombies the WTBTS has created.


    I don't see how this could have an affect on the blood issue. There is the freedom of religion act here that allows for any religion to set their own rules and people have a right to join and live by those rules. The government won't touch it!!! If you don't like the rules, you have the freedom to leave the religion. The government would only get involved if a)minors were made to do something illegal b)someone in position forced/coerced someone against their will. The government is NOT going to make a religion change it's doctrines. We have many religions who do all kinds of weird things...Christian Scientists don't believe in taking meds. If a Christian Scientist lets their child die because of this THEN they can be prosecuted. What about the Snake handlers????? They do have deaths in their religion on a regular basis...And then their are the Scientologists who believe that aliens inhabit their bodies...the list goes on and on.

    However, if there was a court proceeding in which they lied about their doctines or their involvement in the case, that would be a different story. With the blood issue though, it always falls on the adult persons right to choose. (It doesn't matter to the court that there is a room full of Witnesses chanting "don't take blood!") It was that person's decision.

    Whether the blood issue is right or wrong, really doesn't matter. It is a doctrine of the JW religion. My mother, 80 yrs old, doesn't believe most of what they teach or what she was taught by them for 60+ years...however she will not take a blood transfusion. She does see though that it is a personal decision and doesn't believe it is's just not something that she wants to do.

    What do you think is going to happen regarding the blood issue? If they make a statement that they no longer consider it wrong but a conscience matter, what do you think will happen? Many family members have tried lawsuits for years regarding the blood issue and lost. There has been tons of press about the issue I missing something??? They now have printed information regarding all the components you can take (which amounts to basically whole blood) just not a bag of the real stuff alltogether.

    Barbara gave an update on her thread and the whole thing was about "lies." I think that is the focus.


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