Who threw your first birthday party after leaving the organization?

by Mysterious 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • MerryMagdalene

    Awww shucks, Skyman...total bummer. Do you think we could get away with having a party for you at my house??? I sorta live right next door to a JW family who have told their eldest son that he can't talk to us cos we're traitors that don't love Jehovah...but maybe we could make it a costume party and wear disguises so no nosey neighbors know who's present LOL

    Here ya go--for the last 41 years, my friend...

    How about a big aposta-party for #42 ???


  • skyman

    Merry after all the years you and I have lived, you know you are the same age as me if we held it on the same day we would have very big cake would we not. I forget who lives next to you is it the man that works for the state road department they have two really odd kids if it is we could have the congeragtion talking for weeks could we not.

  • skyman

    By the way I wish I was brave enough to post my own picture. Thats nice.

  • MerryMagdalene

    So........you're NOT older than me, Skyman?!?!? *sigh* Ok, a cake with 82 candles next year then, huh? That's gonna take a lot of hot airLet's give'em somethin' to talk aboutLOL


  • jwfacts

    My recruitment agent. She found out from my resume that i was a JW, and had been one herself in the 1970's. She was very helpful in starting the process of my breaking free. So the very first birthday I had was a small but wonderful occasion put on by her for my 36th.

  • nowisee

    it was my 30th birthday, which in the u.s. usually falls on or around election day.

    my friends at work took me to the local bar (where we often had lunch). augie said, hey, youcan't drink here today bc it is election day. they said, but we have to, it is "--"s birthday! he said, ok, call in for pizza, pull down the shades, i am leaving, and take whatever you want from the bar. lock the door when you leave.

    it was a most memorable day.

  • startingover

    The closest I ever got to a party was when I turned 50. My apostate buddy and myself were in Page, AZ at a mexican restaurant, and he snuck away from the table and arranged for them to acknowledge my birthday. So several waiters brought over a big sombrero, stuck it on my head and sang happy birthday to me, in spanish.

    To be honest, anything more than that I would be real uncomfortable with at this stage of my life.

  • freedom96

    My current wife through a suprise birthday party for me.

  • LittleToe

    My work colleagues, the very first Birthday after I left the JWs (which was nearly a year after I left). They bought me a cake with one candle on it

    That's one reason that I set my birth date on this site to the date that I did.

    They then let me dress the office Xmas tree, which was another first. Happy memories

    LT of the "grown man, acting like a kid" class

  • weeble

    It was my 21st bday (1/9/01) and I was living with my best friend at the time her older sister and their cousin. I had an ice cream cake and some alcohol I bought at the 7-11 around the corner and some smokes. And then my bf at the time chose to break up with me that day. Oh well at least I had some alcohol.

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