Let's Be Honest!!!!!! (For Men)

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  • gaybeat

    Lol, uh I think i depend on women way too much, but it seems they are the only ones who get things done, and I can get information easily from them than men.

  • young hearts, be free..
    young hearts, be free..

    Never viewed women any differently while a dub than I do now..Equals, enough said.

  • Golf

    As a foreman on a construction site, I had two young girls working for me. One was strong and had no fear of walking the steel beams. In fact, she walked the steel beams better than some of the younger male ironworkers. She wanted to work and I let her do her thing. The other girl didn't have that much experience but I used her usefully. When I left the project, another foreman took over and he quickly fired the girl that didn't have much experience.

    I guess men view women as sex objects, am I right or wrong?


  • crankytoe

    This all changed when I became inactive and actually made several female friends that I still have. Hard not to respect and admire someone who you value as a friend.

    I definitely got the misconception from the kingdom hall.....I mean jw church,

  • blindersoff

    I don't think we can paint all men or all women with the same brush.


  • Golf

    Blindersoff, what's your view of women? Honest opinion.


  • one of 12
    one of 12

    Morning Golf,

    I too am a female,but the biggest insult to women came from my own mother. When I wanted a career as a school leaver my mum told me to leave careers for men who would need a job to support a family, whereas I would only be working a few years before I married and stayed at home to raise kids. This is what I did because I thought that was all there was for me. Ten years ago I snuck out of that and started my own business, even employing others. Have recently changed that too and am going to polytech next year to further my education and become a midwife. A very big step for me outside the boundries that styfiled me for at least 27 years. My loving hubby has been a great support and source of encouragement.


  • prophecor

    So what's the opinion when it comes to women serving shoulder to shoulder ( betcha' haven't heard that little ditty in a minute) with men in the military? On an aircraft carrier or a submarine where you're often confined within a close knit community. Women who serve in combat situations.

    How does a male or a female, for that matter, deal with a law enforcement officials, beat cops, detectives and the like?

    Do you feel more, less or as secure as one would when dealing with a male?

  • stillajwexelder

    No I always believed -and still do - that women are the stronger sex

  • Golf

    Great for you 'one of twelve.' Go for it.

    Prophecor, male or female we're all useful.

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